An Early Loss That Really Hurts

Sox Record: 12-14; The Sox have a -11 run differential.  

Place in the A.L. Central and Games back: They suck

Most annoying person in the Sox organization: That's it.  I'm done with Alexei Ramirez.  Sent him back to Cuba.  He's hitting .210, he doesn't walk, and doesn't score runs.  He's a disaster after a month of the season.  A complete and utter disaster.  We're at the point where if Brent "I shouldn't be in the majors" Lillibridge took over at short, it wouldn't even be a drop off from Alexei.  Go back to Cuba, Alexei... or start hitting.

Member of the White Sox I love the most at the moment: I've been anti-Konerko for two years now, but I've got to give the guy some props, he doesn't suck this year, he isn't killing the team, and is one of the few 'bright' spots because of this.  He's still over paid and the Sox probably couldn't give him away at this point, but he's had a nice start to the season.

I also much hate for Greg Norton during his time with the Sox about ten years ago now.  Norton air mailed more throws from third in his few seasons than I've seen in my entire life.  This is a sad story , but also one of perseverance, about Norton (now with the Braves) and his family.  Big ups to Norton and my thoughts go out to him.

Rhetorical Question of the Day: I hate to get all over the top, but that loss last night is a killer.  Yeah, we're 26 games into the season and the Sox are only 3.5 out of first and the Royals are about as daunting as Ross from friends, but it would have been really nice to not have lost two games to the Royals.  I'm not scared of the Royals, I'm not that scared of the Twins or Tigers... and the Indians slow start looks like it will be a summer long thing.  But you can't let the division get away from you.  And after two disastrous games in KC, the division could slip away if the Sox aren't careful.

Thoughts on the most bizarre between innings promo ever

Blackhawks - Wow... one of the more boring hockey games you'll ever seen.  Vancouver was more than willing to not go forward unless the Hawks allowed them.  The Hawks could never get going, including one of the worst power plays you'll ever see with about 6 minutes left in the third.  Brian Campbell, for my money, was the best Blackhawk on the ice last night.  

Lunongo played well and didn't give up too many big rebounds which was really the difference in the game.  Hawks need to come out and take it to the Canucks tomorrow night.  They cannot go down two goals, in other words, they cannot play like they have in the first three games.  I know Lunongo is the best goalie in the world and all that crap, but it would be nice if Khabibulin at least played as well as Lunongo one of these games.  I'm not blaming him, but a 'stand on his head' performance wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

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