After A Month... A Quick Look at the Central

Sox Record: 13-14; The Sox have a -5 run differential.

Place in the A.L. Central and Games back: They're in third. Everything about the White Sox after almost 30 games screams 80-82 wins, their run differential, their run production, their pitching... there is no reason for anyone on Earth to think other wise. Stats, observation, whatever... but yet, they're in the most average division in baseball history. The Royals are off to a great start, but they're pitching is going to come back to the mean. Greinke may win the Cy Young, but his ERA is going to increase at least two runs over the next five months. There is NO CHANCE that Brian Bannister pitches at this level. None. There's a better chance that W. will be nominated by Obama to replace Souter than Bannister has an ERA under 4.00. Oh and how the fuck is this team averaging 4.9 runs a game? Let's just say that the Royals have had a really good month, and no they aren't going to go away, but this team isn't a 90 win team.

Most annoying person in the Sox organization: It's still Alexei Ramirez. I'm very, very, very mad at him.

Member of the White Sox I love the most at the moment: How about A.J. Pierzynski who is the third best catcher in the AL after a month? Where did this come from? And what the hell is going on with AL catchers hitting the shit out of the ball?

Rhetorical Question of the Day: This is when I say something about Manny... look everyone was doing 'roids. We should be surprised about anyone testing positive or coming out and saying that they did the juice. Other than Frank Thomas, Griffey, Curt Schilling, and maybe Jeter, why even both acting like we're shocked and disappointed and mad? Guess what, rock stars do drugs, movie stars do coke, and athletes do steroids. FACT.

BTW, how did ESPN not blow up this week? Within 48 hours we had Favre is coming back and then not, Manny tested positive for 'roids, and A-Rod returning to the line up. Yet ESPN is still here. How? Would Bonds saying he used 'roids along with Tom Brady retiring put it over the top?

Thoughts on the most bizarre between innings promo ever:
Blackhawks - So I make my way over with The CJ to some Loop bar because we were at some fund raiser at Millennium Park. [I know, a Little at Millennium Park! Who could have guessed it! Every time I think about that park it makes me think of Daley and I get sick to my stomach. But hey, Daley's a Sox fan so I can't get too upset.] ANYWAYS, so we make it over to a bar and it's the second period, half way though, and the Hawks are down 1-0. And for the next 26 minutes, I watch some of themost frustrating and boring hockey on Earth . To say Vancouver was happy with a 1-0 lead would be like saying those people in Coors Light commercials are kind of happy. They packed it in as if they were playing Barca at the Camp Nou (yay footie reference!).

Well that blew up in the 'Nucks face when three of 'em chased a puck along the boards, Ladd got it out to Marty, he had more room than someone with Swine Flu at a Hypochondriac convention. He buried the shot, ties the game, and even though the Hawks blue liners tried to give the game away, the 'Nucks couldn't. The Hawks go on to win in OT as Ladd deflects the puck into the net. Series tied 2-2 and the Canucks need to figure out a better plan of stopping or slowing the Hawks. It's clear the Hawks are a more talented team, but the Canucks have the better goaltender. If the Hawks ever decide to score first in any of these games, how are the Canucks going to come back? But if the Hawks don't score first, Lord knows they have trouble beating the Canucks-Five-Behind-The-Blue-Line game plan. It ain't pretty that's for sure. So for the sake of all things hockey, let the Blackhawks get out to a 1-0 lead one of these days.

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