i-Pod 25: July

I haven’t done my favorite gimmick for this site in about two months, so it’s time to do it again. Yep that’s right, it’s time for Top 25 Most Played on my i-Pod! Yeah I know, weird time to do it as the world goes up in flames, the Sox sit in first, and it being hotter than Hell here in Chicago, but sometimes you’ve got to take your mind off of things. Music usually does the trick. Click here for May and April’s top played and reviews of non-New Songs.

1) Letter from an Occupant by The New Pornographers - I haven’t even been listening to this song as much, that’s how big of a lead it has. It’s a good song and I heart Neko Case.

2) What Ever Happened by The Strokes - I’ve written on the mastery of this song and I’m not going to add anything new. “Oh dear is it really all true?”

3) Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand – Does anyone not enjoy this song? Seems like one of those that crosses every musical boarder and conquers all, like just about anything Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, or Elvis has done.

4) The Laws Have Changed by The New Pornographers – I’ve got to admit that when I listen to this song I feel like dancing, swinging my arms and dancing.

5) Speed of Sound by Coldplay – New Song! Is this like a wantabe Clocks or is it something original? This song has major problems (for starters the chorus) but for whatever reason the song still works, maybe because of it’s one of Martin’s better vocal performances and the only song worth a damn on the new album. Plus the bridge kicks ass even if it’s short and comes in way too late.

6) Someday by The Strokes – The Greatest Drinking Song Ever Written will always be on a list like this.

7) Meet Me in the Bathroom by The Strokes – New Song! I really enjoy this song, I think I just like the chorus to be honest, but it’s a fun song to listen to. The beat carries the song (unusual for a Strokes song) and I like the idea of meeting a girl in the bathroom.

8) Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs – What a song.

9) Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) by The Arcade Fire – Buy the album, yawn.

10) Nothing by Mason Jennings – “Because you like music that makes you move.”

11) Float On by Modest Mouse – I have nothing to add from last time. Aiight?

12) Where is my Mind? by Pixies – Why can’t there be more songs like this?

13) The Late Greats by Wilco – “You can’t hear it on the radio…”

14) Dedicated by The Amps – Kim Deal rocks. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, my goal in life is to drink with Kim Deal and Liz Phair. And Neko Case is making her case to be added to that list.

15) Clocks by Coldplay – Whenever I hear the intro I think London and I think Tottenham Court Road.

16) Mr. Brightside by The Killers – New Song! There is a hint of desperation in this song that I love, the hint of ‘Come on girl I’m not that bad! I’m not that big of a loser!’ Plus the urgency of the song makes it a good weekend song… and who doesn’t love the end of the song when the drums are going at it, the guitar is doing its thing, and the bass is holding everything together. When you hear it, you realize how close this song is to going completely out of control, but the Killers hold everything together and therefore the song works.

17) If We Could land a Man on the Moon, then Surely I Could Win your Heart by Beulah – I heart this song.

18) Big Sur by Mason Jennings – “This is the song to give you hope” just a great ditty that is a three for one in the process. I like to think of it as the Singer/song writer Midwestern Paranoid Android.

19) B.O.B by Outkast – This song amazes me every time I hear it. Just an amazing song.

20) Romeo by Basement Jaxx – Who knows what the deal with this song is, but hey as I’ve said, it’s a great weekend song.

21) Me and Mia by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – New Song! Wow this song made it? Well good for this song. It’s a fun song and I really like the chorus. So yeah, I don’t have much more to say about it. Check it out if you’d like.

22) Crazy in Love by Beyonce – New Song! Okay the answer is simple and easy. The formula is can’t miss, yet no one seems to do it. But let’s say you’ve got a good song, it’s not great but it’s good. You’ve got the hottest singer on the market signed up to do the song and she’s got it all, the looks and the voice. And she does well on the song but something is still missing. So what do you do? Well that’s easy, you call in Jay-Z and you let him add some horns and you’ve got a classic. The horns put this song over the top. Dooooo-do-do-do-do-do-Dooooo.

23) New Slang by The Shins – I think any time I go back to my home town, or anyone for that matter, this song must be played as you drive though the streets of the neighborhood you grew up in.

24) The Rat by the Walkmen – This song rocks. I’m boring today aren’t I?

25) Nowhere Again by The Secret Machines – I heart the bass and entire structure of this song. Yay.


Ilk said...

Mr. Brightside is the best song about jealousy ever written. Reminds me a lot of me when I was about your age, Young Otter.

Aaron said...
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Anonymous said...

get some new bands dude