Thoughts and notes and Sox

Just a few notes and thoughts for the day.

I think this pretty much sums of one of the many reasons why big business stinks. Not only are they preventing the 'market' from going about it's business, but they're also promoting crap music. Which reminds me, to all those who believe that the government is inefficient and poorly run, big business is just as bad and often times more expensive. Can you imagine how much a privatized postal service would cost to send a letter? Seventy-five cents? A dollar?

Here is a fun and quick read on olive oil.

Kristof with a smart, moral, and on the mark op-ed on how we spend way too much time getting sucked into Tom Cruise going insane and forgetting about actual important issues.

And quickly some thoughts on the Red Sox/White Sox series this weekend:
* The White Sox are for real. I think we all knew this, but for those who don't live in Chicago, there you go.
* It may have been the right move long term, but letting Pedro walk has really hurt the BoSox this year. They probably won't make it far in the playoffs without him.
* The Red Sox aren't as good as they were last year. Their bullpen is one arm deep and their starting pitching is just above average.
* Red Sox fans are the most annoying fans on the planet. I mean my god... the world does not revolve around Boston and New England. It's amazing how Red Sox fans managed to piss off the entire country in less than six months. I'm openly rooting for the Yankees to win that division since I don't think the O's will be able to get it done.
* I wouldn't mind the Sox playing the BoSox in the playoffs. Ortiz, Manny, Damon, and Varitek are the only players that would scare me at the plate. But other than that, their line up isn't too must to worry about. The New England media and ESPN has over hyped the BoSox and a lot of their players aren't as good as some people think they are.
* Schilling looks bad. Really bad. He's huge, as if he hasn't worked out in about nine months.
* Varitek, hands down, is the best catcher in baseball right now.


TheLankyRighthander said...

A privatized postal service would bust out all the crap employees and be more efficient. May even make a profit.

Otter said...

USPS does make a profit.