The Taller, the Better

New Skyline
Well see the building would be taller and therefore people would want to live there.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported yesterday that the Fordham Company was thinking about building a 115 story tower which would be the tallest in the US. Housing mostly condos and hotel space, the 'spire' would be 2,000 feet tall, over 500 feet taller than the Sears Tower. While I'm not in love with the look of the tower, any addition to the skyline would be cool and taking the tallest building title back would be very nice. Trump Tower, which is currently being built, will give the city a skyline face-lift as it is, but this Fordham Spire would dominate the skyline.

The Stirling Prize short-listed the Scottish parliament. You can check out last year winners here.

UPDATE (4:30): Here is more on tall buildings and how even after 9/11 people are looking to build up.

Also looks like Chicago will make a big for the 2016 Olympics. How cool would that be?

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