Reason and Thoughts

Yeah it's been a while and I'm not sure anyone even checks this site more than every fourth day or something, but anyway there is a reason why it's been a while.
1) I quit my job and therefore have found other things to do than blog (that doesn't mean I've stopped thinking or reading, just stopped blogging).
2) I'm moving to Washington, DC tomorrow and therefore probably won't have another post until the weekend at the soonest. But I'll be thinking and stuff like that... yeah.

Anyway just a few random thoughts to remember:
1) The White Sox are going to the playoffs, that's a fact. I don't want them to face the A's. I want to see the Yanks in round one. I also think the Sox match up well with the Red Sox. I'm a bit scared of the L.A. A of A.
2) The Red Sox and Red Sox Nation needs to stop existing as soon as possible. So annoying, get over yourselves, you're being a joke. It's getting to the point where I may be rooting for the Yankees over the Red Sox. Who would have thought that nine months ago?
3) Aug in DC is probably the worst month... it's really hot, nothing is going on, and Redskins talk starts up.
4) Go White Sox!

Okay that's really all for now... check back in a week.

-- Bobby Otter

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