A letter to Red Sox fans

Since I'm now in DC the number of Red Sox hats and fans seen around town has increased. And to be hontest, I'm sick of them and their fans. I wish they'd just go away... but they won't. They're the Cub fans of the AL and are trying very hard to get to the point where people will root for the Yankees over them. So here is a little Letter to Red Sox Nation:

Dear Red Sox fans,

I'm shocked that you guys aren't completely and totally phased by the fact that Red Sox fans have become the Cubs fans of the American League... only if the Cubs ever won. It's like combining every Yankee, Cub, Notre Dame and Cowboy fan into one super annoying fan and the result was the 2005 RedSox fan. I mean it's just brutal, did T.O. hijack the fan base orsomething? Pretty much everyone was on your side, but now, honestly, it's getting to the point where I wouldn't mind seeing the Yankees go19-143. Something should be done and quickly. There is still time to save Red Sox Nation... and a great start would be to get rid of 'Nation', stop selling Red Sox hats to 20 something white males, stop ripping off Ricky Henderson and "Ricky be Ricky" and realize that everyone hates the Yankees as much as you do. I can deal with a fanbase celebrating victory. I can't deal with 'frat boy wearing an intentually worn and faded BoSox hat talking about how great the 'you don't understand what we go though' Red Sox are, how great Boston is, and I just became a Red Sox fan 53 weeks ago! fans and saying things on a 100 degree day in Chicago like "If we were in Boston it would be so muchhotter."' Don't turn the country against you. For the love of God, I never want to root against the Yankees and never have to question it.

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Ilk said...

Dear Bobby,

Thanks for summing it all up and hitting the nail on the head.

Loves, Ilk