My Fantasy Draft

Okay, I’m ripping off the Sports Guy and going to do a running diary of my fantasy draft. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to do it, but we’ll give it a shot. Here it is.

12:35pm -- I’m reporting LIVE from my Draft Central here on the wonderful campus of the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC! Here at Draft Central we’re armed with a Diet Pepsi, some peanut butter crackers, a granola bar, some Skittles, Obama’s “Dreams from My Father”, my i-Pod and a lot of pages of fantasy football stuff. The Draft starts in 55 minutes, and I’ve got some last second ranks to take care of… and I have no clue where I’m drafting. Anxiety at it’s finest!

12:39 – Just ran the draft test, and everything worked out… yay.

12:40 – Instead of thinking about the Draft I’m going to read about the CHICAGO WHITE SOX, winners of five of their last six. Of course ESPN.com is too busy right now for me to read the article. I hope this isn’t some sort of omen… when is ESPN.com ever too busy?

12:47 – After printing off some more lists and fantasy crap, I think I’m ready and decided to eat the granola bar and check my e-mail. I may have to put the i-Pod on soon because these two kids behind me, probably sophomores, are talking about PDAs and the theory of structure. I really wish I had the Internet at my place right now.

12:53 – Not that this is shocking or anyone will be even interested, but the Kansas City Royals are officially out of the AL Central race. They can still win the Wild Card.

1:02 – The kids behind me just said they want to take some classes at Georgetown. Time to put on the i-Pod.

1:05 – The posted the draft order and I’ve got the 7th pick, the pick I was saying would be one of my top two choices (the 7th and 4th pick). Things are looking up already!

1:06 – The girlfriend just called, I politely told her I could talk and hung up. I think she understood.

1:09 – Let’s quickly go over the ten teams in our league:
1) Scrappers is picking first and I have no clue who he is.
2) Wong Fong Dong is drafting second, he’s a law student at GW I think.
3) Mr. Milque Toast, is a guy from Wilmington, DE and is at CUA law school right now a friend of my friend Denis.
4) Dr. Greg Cynaumon is Jim, the Comish of the league and Denis’ older brother
5) BDiddyPiddy is Jim’s friend from Notre Dame and also has the worst name in the league.
6) The Beday Effects is Mike who’s Polish last name means Christ of Poland. Friend of mine and Denis
7) Dan Cortese’s Rod… that’s me
8) The Paul McGuires I think he went to ND
9) Darren Pang’s Crease is my buddy Denis
10) Balls Deep is a law student at GW and owner of best name in our league.

1:19 – 11 minutes till the draft starts and I’m trying to figure out the Sox magic number, I think it’s 22. Though I’m thinking that someone like McGahee, James, Deuce, Jamal Lewis, Moss, or Culpepper will be there for me at 7 and 14.

1:23 Bathroom break!

1:25 – Okay, I’m ready… five minutes and I hate to say this, but Jimi Hendrix was underrated. Really, I don’t think people realize how good he was.

1:30 – The Draft starts, Manning goes 1, Tomlinson 2, and then Moss three! What a shock! Moss went too high probably.

1:31 – Alexander goes 4, and then Culpepper goes 5, I’m looking at McGahee right now.

1:32 – The Edge goes 6, and I’m looking at McGahee, I’m going to use all the time on the clock at this point…

1:34 – I take McGahee and am very happy. Culpepper going off the board though stinks and I have no clue what to do with the 14th pick… Deuce goes 8, and Priest goes 9th… I don’t see Jamal Lewis falling to me, but Cory Dillon did just go 10th. Damn it, Lewis went 11th.

1:36 – Okay, now it’s looking like Ahman Green or guys like Rudi Johnson at 14, McNabb goes 12th and Julis Jones goes 13th… I’m looking at Green or Marvin Harrison at this point…

1:38 – I can’t go with Dominck Davis, so I take Ahman Green figuring I can get an okay WR in the 3rd round. I don’t like the pick. Right now I’m thinking Chad Johnson or Reggie Wayne in the 3rd round… we’ll see.

1:43 – So a bunch of wide receivers go off the board and my decision is between Joe Horn, Reggie Wayne, and Andre Johnson. David Carr throwing to Johnson scares me, I figure Wayne is this close to being the stud muffin of stud muffins… but I take Joe Horn. He gets the job done. And I’ll pick in a second, where I’ll go Trent Green if he’s there.

1:45 – Green goes right after me, so now I’m thinking Brady or another WR like Reggie Wayne or Nate Burleson… but Brady scares me. It’s too high.

1:47 – Brady is looking like he’ll fall in my lap; Reggie Wayne went off the board, so there goes that temptation. Hines Ward goes off the board, so the WR I’m looking at are Andre Johnson, it’s really really tempting… but I’m going with the Super Bowl winner.

1:52 - I took Brady a little early, but I wanted him and I couldn’t take a chance that he wouldn’t be around again when I picked. Now I can pick up a garbage WR or RB.

1:55 – LaMont Jordan may be around in round five and it will be hard to pass him up. And he falls to me. I have no clue if he’ll be any good, but I’ve got him now. Now a WR or TE with the next pick… I’m think Vick’s favorite target… but he goes off the board.

2:01 – I’m ditching the TE idea and hoping the guy from the Vikes falls in round 7. So it’s a WR… who though? Roy Williams was good until he got hurt. But then again he plays for the Lions.

2:04 – I take Larry Fitzgerald and probably way too high again. Not good, but then again he could have just a huge year even though he’s the number two receiver with the Cards. I don’t dislike the pick, but it was probably too high. I may have been able to get him. But his upside is better than most on the board.

2:05 – Okay this is getting hard to do, so I’m stopping, though I’ll list the rest of my picks.

2:58 – The Draft is over and I feel good about it. My team looks like this:
QB – Brady and Hasselbeck
RB - McGahee, Green, L. Jordan, Thomas Jones, and Lee Suggs
WR – Horn, Lelie, Fitzgerald, and Marcus Robinson
TE – Dallas Clark and Bubba Franks
K – Josh Brown
DEF – New England

Jones and Suggs are starting backs on bad teams. I’m not in love with my wide outs, but I love the depth I’ve got at TE and QB. Kickers are kickers and the New England D isn’t going to hurt me. Let the season begin.

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