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It’s been over a month, and therefore it’s time to look again at the My i-Pod top 15… though this time it might be the entire top 25. Too look at April’s click here. On to the top 25, if you want to know what I said about some of these songs the first time, again click on that link…

1) “Letter from an Occupant” by the New Pornographers – no change, this song may be in the lead for a long time.

2) “American Baby” by Dave Matthews Band – Someday I won’t be living with my roommate any more and this song won’t be on this list any more…

3) “Nothing” by Mason Jennings – Down a slot…

4) “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand – Still nothing new or much movement…

5) “Whatever Happened” by The Strokes – Jumps up a bunch of slots, but still cracked the top 15 last time.

6) “The Laws Have Changed” by the New Pornographers (new)– I’m not sure what I enjoy the most about this song… the fact that it sounds like a fun dance song, one where you swing your arms in some sort of 1950s dance, or because I love Niko Case’s voice, or because this band writes catchy, kick ass songs. Maybe it’s all three.

7) “Where is my Mind” by Pixies – The more things change…

8) “The Late Greats” by Wilco – the more things stay the same.

9) “Dedicated” by Amps – Let’s pretend I’m in a bar with a sort of cute girl and we’re talking about music and I says, “So anyway, my goal in life is to get drunk with Kim Deal and Liz Phair…” would she still give me a chance?

10) “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” by The Arcade Fire – Just buy the album if you haven’t… trust me.

11) “Float On” by Modest Mouse (new)– The second song that didn’t crack the top 15 last time… This song just is cool and chill. Just a great whatever song, “we’ll all float on, alright.” And their American but don’t sound American, so that’s kind of cool too.

12) “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs – This would make it four songs on the list where the lead signer is a female.

13) “Someday” by the Strokes (new)– this is easily the best drinking song of the 21st century. Just a great song to put on with a few close friends, drink beer, and yell “Someday… I ain’t wastin’ no more time!” In the post 9/11 world, how ture.

14) “Picture Book” by the Kinks (new)– Are the Kinks and Roy Davies the most underrated band in this history of rock/pop? I mean, most people know the Kinks, but do we realize how many bands they’ve influenced, besides like every British band of the last 30 years… amazing. Good song too.

15) “B.O.B.” by Outkast (new)– It’d be easy to argue that this is the best song of the 21st century, Pitchfork certainly did. No matter, Outkast is the best American group of the 21st century, and maybe the world.

16) “Nowhere Again” by the Secrete Machines (new)– “Cellophane flowers never happened for me” and then add in the pounding bass in the back round and you’ve got a great start to a song. What the hell cellophane flowers are and why they never happen for this dude, I’m not sure, but who cares when you’ve got a bass line like that.

17) “Romeo” by Basement Jaxx – When Friday doesn’t come fast enough.

18) “If We Could land a Man on the Moon, then Surely I Could Win your Heart” by Beulah (new)– What a great title. And the trumpets that get this song started… I’m a sucker for horns in songs. Part of the reason why I love the Who’s “Quadropehnia”. So this song has horns, a nice voice saying he’ll do whatever for a girl, and then the song explodes into some pissed off moments of why won’t you check me out, and then the horns keep blasting and I enjoy it all.

19) “Clocks” by Coldplay (new)– I’m flying and I’m in London watching the BBC. That pretty much sums up “Clocks”. And when I really feel crazy I’ll play “Clocks” and Air’s “Surfing on a Rocket” back to back and I feel like I’m floating for like six minutes.

20) “Two Step” by Dave Matthews Band (new)– Whatever. At least my roommate is a nice guy and drinks beer with me.

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guile said...

i love maps.. you've got good taste in music :)..