A mess in Uzbekistan

What's going on there? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? It's hard to find information on what's going on in the NY Times and LA Times. Thankfully the Guardian is coving the story.

After the unrest and protests in Kirgizstan two months ago forced the government from power, the Uzbek government was going to take any chances of that happening to them. Protest have been seen in parts of the country calling for social and economic changes. Then over the weekend Islamic rebels took over a town in Uzbeckistan hoping to create an Islamic state after taking over the town of Korasuv over the weekend. The Uzbeck government today said that they took the city back, but some rebels are saying they'll keep fighting, "If the troops return, we will fight them," said a local farmer and now turned rebel.

But it seems as if there is more to the protests. Reports saying that the Uzbek military open fire on protesting civilians killed hundreds, including women and children. NATO wants to know if Uzbek troops opened fire on protesting civilians.

More to come...

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