Love the Sox, Hate the Cubs

Yep, it's my favorite weekend of the year to be in Chicago! Cubs/Sox weekend when the games are at Wrigley. I like the fact that the Sox have to go to Wrigley and play the Cubs a lot more than when the Cubs come South, partly because things get rowdy at the Cell (Sox fans beating the crap out of Cub fans) and it's also fun to go up north and see just how big of losers Cub fans really are.

Anyway, I say the Sox take two of three this weekend. The Cubs just can't score runs and their bullpen stinks. Plus no one on the Cubs staff scares me, Prior would if he didn't throw so many pitches. But here is a breakdown of the two teams, position by position.

And if I read one more article about how much cooler the area around Wrigley is than Bridgeport, I'm going to bite my fingernails off. Yeah, the North side is a trendier, hipper, and has more going on in terms of bars... but that's also the beauty of the South Side. It is what it is, and unless you live there, you don't know how great it is. And crime is lower around the Cell than in Wrigley. Bascially, we don't want nobody that nobody sent on da South Side.

Go Sox!

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