Sox Record: 25-27; The Sox have a -17 run differential.

Place in the A.L. Central and Games back: Third place and 3.5 behind the Tigers.

Most annoying person in the Sox organization: The White Sox cannot hit pitchers the first time they see them. They turn bad AAA prospects into Randy Johnson. So after back to back games against a pitcher they've never seen and who isn't very good... and the Sox losing both games... I hate the entire lineup. Well not Dye, because he hits these guys, but everyone else.

Member of the White Sox I love the most at the moment: GORDON BECKHAM!!!! He has arrived! He's in Chicago! He's going to start this afternoon! He might be one of the three or four things in this AL Central race that may tip it. If Beckham hits, the Sox line up is vastly improved. If he doesn't... well he isn't not going to hit, so why even think that way.

Beckham is the best prospect since... geeze... I don't know. Carlos Lee 11 years ago? Jon Rauch even though he sucked, was up there in the early part of the decade same can be said for Kip Wells. Joe Borchard was given a ton of press way back when... but he never did enough in the minors to make me think, 'I can't wait until Borchard gets to the bigs'. He just didn't have it.

Beckham is different. He's been an ace in the whole since the team broke camp back in March. He's been the guy who every Sox fan had in the back of their mind -- well if Getz doesn't work out at second, Beckham will be up in July to solve second base. (Of course, Beckham is up in June to solve third base). Beckham's been that guy that the Twins and Indians always have -- the mid year hot prospect that can come up and tip the division. And this year, the White Sox have that guy.

Second and third were always going to be THE positions that determined the Sox season this year. Getz has been good enough to not get upset about his lack of production. Fields has been a total disaster. He can't field and he can't hit. I'm not sure what happened to 2007 Josh Fields, but he's not in Chicago right now. The guy can't hit a 90 mhp fast ball [enter David Ortiz joke here]. In other words, I'm not disappointed to see Fields lose playing time.

Let the Gordon Beckham Era begin.

Rhetorical Question of the Day: Coming into this 12 game home stand, I figured the Sox needed to go 8-4. After a 1-2 start things just got a lot tougher, but a win today means a split with the A's, which isn't the end of the world. Two of three from the Tribe, then the suddenly kind of big five game set with the Tigers. We'll see how the weekend plays out and where the Sox and Tigers are come Monday morning, but until then, let's go out and win the game today and hopefully Beckham will hit a home run today.

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