When Shitty Baseball Players Cry: The Josh Fields Story

Sox Record: 27-32; The Sox have a -29 run differential.

Place in the A.L. Central and Games back: Third place and 5.5 behind the Tigers.

Most annoying person in the Sox organization: Josh Fields, who sucks but is upset that the White Sox brought up Beckham to replace him at third. Some advise for Josh Fields: if you could hit and field and this wouldn't be a problem. But Fields has been absolutely atrocious. The best you can say about his play this year is that he's been sort of getting on base. But everything else has been fat bellow major league quality. He hasn't hit for power or average and he can't field at third base. His error on Monday ended up costing the Sox the game [more on that in a second]. That Fields went public with the Sox calling up Beckham only means one thing... I can't wait until they cut/trade/sent him down to the minors again. If Josh Fields never plays for the White Sox again I'd be happy.

Member of the White Sox I love the most at the moment: Jared Mitchell! The Sox first round pick yesterday is an outfielder with LSU who the scouts say has a ton of 'raw' 'talent'. Apparently fast and eventually will have some pop and should be able to play center in the majors. However, since Mitchell played football at LSU also (back up wide out) he isn't as far along as most college players. If Mitchell pans out, I wouldn't expect him to reach the Sox until 2012 because he has such a long way to go.

Also big ups to the White Sox's next Great Jewish Hope: Aaron Poreda who was called up yesterday. The world found out via his Facebook status... is this the first time somebody's Facebook status made news? I know Twitter has already done so... but Facebook?

Rhetorical Question of the Day: I sad the Sox had to go 8-4 over this home stand. Right now they're 3-7. This home stand has been a disaster. And to top it off, they should have taken the first three games from the Tigers in this all important five game set. But of course, they blew the first game and lost a heart breaker last night. On Monday, in the first part of a double header, the Sox come back to tie the game only to lose it thanks to Josh Fields inability to play baseball. Last night, they score three in the ninth only to lose in part because:
1) In the bottom of the ninth, down 2, Konerko doubles down the left field line. Pods and Alexei score with ease. Wise, who was on first, is thrown out at the plate by a hair... if he was out at all. Just an absolute killer to not win the game there.
2) To lead off the 10th, Cabrera hit a solo shot off Linebrink to give the Tigers a 7-6 lead. Sox can't do anything in the 10th... game over. As South Side Sox put it, bad teams find ways to lose to okay teams.

I don't know where the Sox go from here. Even if they win today and tomorrow they stand 3.5 out and three under .500. The Sox run differential isn't very good. Even with Pods and Alexei sort of saving the season over the last three weeks, the pitching hasn't been enough and the bottom of the order blows. I don't know where the Sox go from here in 2009.

They get a steady diet of the National League over the next few weeks. This is a good thing. But the Tigers, Twins, and Indians also get to face the NL over the next few weeks. Odds are the Sox, who also have the tougher of the interleague schedules due to the Money Making Series also known as playing the Cubs twice, won't pick up that much (if any) ground. So July comes around and the Sox are within striking distance, but probably have a negative/barely positive run differential and are floating around .500. So sure, they could lie to themselves and hope that this old Tiger team who is getting some career years out of guys to flounder. And then hope the Twins don't make any moves and the Tribes pitching continues to suck... But that's hopelessly hoping.

I'm about ready to bail on 2009... but hey if Pods can turn into a borderline All-Star, then why can't Gordon Beckham start hitting, AJ starts driving in runs, and the Sox find a second baseman?

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