Here Come the Sox!

Sox Record: 24-25; The Sox have a -14 run differential.

Place in the A.L. Central and Games back: Some how the Sox are in second and four games back of the Tigers.

Most annoying person in the Sox organization: The Sox are playing well, so it's hard to be that annoyed with anyone other than National League pitchers who refuse to pitch for the White Sox for reasons I can't figure out. The Sox are a good team, good/great organization, they win games, they win World Series, it's a good market in a great town... if it's for family reasons, then I can't say these guys are making mistakes, but if it's to protect their stats... well fuck 'em.

Member of the White Sox I love the most at the moment: Pods, who apparently thinks it's the first half of 2005... he's getting on base and scoring runs. And it's lead to the Sox playing really really really well. Seriously, this is the most amazing come back in my White Sox lifetime. Even if it only lasts a few more weeks, he's been just what the doctor ordered, and then some, for the White Sox. I can't believe I'm typing this. At no point in March or April did I ever think I would be writing about Scott Podsednik playing well and being just want the Sox needed. If for no other reason than HE WASN'T EVEN ON THE TEAM.

Rhetorical Question of the Day: Sunday's game, which I was looking forward to because of the Danks/Greinke pitching match up, turned out not to be much of a pitching match up. Danks struggled and didn't really have it. However, he fought and battled and if it wasn't for Alexei totally misplaying a pop up behind second, things wouldn't have been as bad. But after Alexei's drop/miss, the Sox were down 4-1 to the Royals and the best pitcher in the majors during the first two months of the season. But the Sox battled, Josh Fields! got a huge two out, two strike single to make it 4-3 in the 3rd. Then Pods reached and scored on a Dye blooper. Tie game 4-4 going to the bottom of the 4th. And better yet, Greinke had thrown 90 odd pitches though the first four innings. Of course the Sox then managed to see all of 12 pitches in the next three innings.

I'm not sure what happened to this team a few weeks ago, but something happened. They're no longer lifeless. It's helped that Alexei has been much better than he was the first six weeks of the season. And Konerko/Dye/Thome has gotten the job done as St. Carlos of Quentin struggles with a foot injury. But it's been, again I can't believe I'm typing this, Scott Podsednik's ability to get on base at the top of the order that's been a huge difference. It's impossible to win with out good pitching. It's hard to win with out a middle of the order OR a good lead off guy. Now, I know that Pods can't keep this up, but this is just amazing. Four years after Pods gets on, Iguchi takes a few pitches as Pods seals second, then Iguchi gets him to third and Konerko/Dye find a way to get Pods home for a 1-0 Sox lead... it's happening all over again! Now if we can figure out second/third (I assume Gordon Beckham will take over one of those positions in July), this team has a shot. Because we all know Kenny is going to land some more pitching by July 31st...

In Other News: The lady survived the Titanic, lived for 97 years, and still never saw the Cubs win the World Series. RIP Millvina Dean.

Thoughts on the most bizarre between innings promo ever:
Blackhawks - I never rapped up the Hawks season. And what can I say. The Red Wings are really good. They were better than the Hawks, end of story.

That said, what a great year for the Hawks. I loved this team and it was the most fun I had watching a team since the 2005 White Sox. So kudos to the Blackhawks... I can't wait until October.

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