Greatest Chicago Sports Day Ever (even though it wasn't)

Sox Record: 7-6

Place in the A.L. Central and Games back: Second? Tied for first? Did the Royals lose? Did the Indians score a lot of runs again? Oh yeah, the Tigers are doing okay too. I should start caring soon...

Most annoying person in the Sox organization: The Forkball that Jose Contreras used to throw. I miss that forkball. It used to get batters out. Now it Contreras doesn't even throw it and that leads to the other team scoring a lot of runs. The Sox are 0-3 when Contreras starts, 7-3 when he doesn't.

Member of the White Sox I love the most at the moment: Octavio Dotel who asked President Obama for a hug at the White House yesterday. Cute or something along those lines. But more importantly, how cool is it that Obama is a White Sox fan? This has to give the Sox nearly as much cred as when they switched to black in the early '90s and became the hat of choice for West Coast Rappers and the amazing "Good Guys Wear Black" ad campaign (I'm still waiting for Wade to break out a "Good Guys Wear Black" shirt).

Number of awkward moments between Hawk and Stone: All I want to know is if Hawk met Obama.

Rhetorical Question of the Day: It took years, but one of the worst relieve pitchers in White Sox history is now, probably, gone forever. Mike MacDougal was all but released today . You have to figure some team will sign up if for no other reason than he can throw a baseball very very fast. MacDougal's greatest contribution to the White Sox was his nick name given to him by fans: The Arsonist. Ozzie wouldn't bring Mike in to put out fires, he'd put him in to start 'em.

Thoughts on the most bizarre between innings promo ever: Much has been said about Saturday being the greatest day in Chicago sports history , and honestly it was the greatest non-championship day in Chicago sports in my lifetime (the Cubs winning prevents it from entering the Greatest Day Ever conversation). I caught parts of all four games. The Sox looked the best, the Cubs the worst on Saturday. But let's break it down:

Bulls - On Sunday morning, Rev. Cleophus James asked his West Side congregation if they saw the light. And for the first time in over ten years, the congregation yelled back, "YES!" And the light was Derrick Rose.

I don't care what anyone says, that was the greatest rookie performance in the playoffs ever. No hyperbole. It was. End of discussion. Boston couldn't stop him and every time the Celtics looked like the would get the fans back in the game, Rose would score in .4 seconds to shut them up. He wasn't good. He was great.

I was at about an 8 for the Derrick Rose Era on Friday night. Now I'm at a 10. I'm excited just thinking about Wade, Rose, Thomas, and Deng out there, bustin' their butts, driving to the hoop, blockin' shots, all that good stuff 18 months from now. Even if the Bulls loses this series, and at this point Celtic fans have to be worried, I'm beyond pumped for the Rose Era.

Cubs - Honestly, how did the Cards not win this game? I watched more of this one than I wanted and every time it looked like the Cards would blow it up, the Cubs would some how put a stop to the bleeding and come back to tie it. And yes, I dropped a few F-bombs directed at members of the St. Louis Cardinals during the afternoon.

The Sox - The after thought of the day, they were up big and never really looked back. I was more interested in the Blackhawks game.

Blackhawks - Falling in love with a player is a magical thing. As a child I loved Carlton Fisk even attempting to mimic his insane on deck circle routine. I fell for El Duque in New Haven, CT. My love for St. Carlos began after I saw him swing a bat in the second game of the season. With Buehrle it's been a steady love... with all that said, after his second goal I told Jonathan Toews that I loved him. He responded as I thought he would, very serious look on his face as he went back to the bench.

I'm not sure how the Hawks won on Saturday. They were out played in the first. And then all of a sudden they cut the lead in half with Toews' first goal of the game seconds into the second period. Then the Hawks tied it up. Then they took the lead when Toews put home his second later in the period. AND THERE WAS MUSIC AND WONDERFUL ROSES THEY TELL ME... I mean I'm at the point with Toews that I went over to iTunes* and downloaded Chuck Berry's "Go Johnny Go." Yes, Toews and I are at that point in our relationship. It's beautiful I tell you. I love how he plays, he's not big, but he goes to the net like a racists on his/her way to a tea party. It's beautiful to watch and it only makes me love the kid from the 'Peg more.

*Does anyone else think that Bush once kicked around the idea of renaming Iraq to... iRack?

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