NFC Picks

Ugh, another NFL season is upon us. We couldn't be more unexcited. Our boredom with the NFL was well documented... not sure where they are, but they're there somewhere. Therefore, let's make this clean and quick.

East - Hands down the most overrated division in the NFL. None of these teams are bad. But they're all flawed. All four teams will finish between 10-6 and 6-10... I could even see the winner being 9-7 and the 4th place team being 7-9.
1) Redskins - Who knows. Why not?
2) Cowboys - If they don't self-destruct I'll be shocked. Still too good not to be a playoff team.
3) Eagles - Pretty much I like the Redskins more than them. That's the only difference.
4) Giants - Too many injuries. Too many teams looking to take aim at them.

North - The worst division in football.
1) Bears - Again, why not? The schedule isn't killer. Toughest road game is the opener in Indy. After that they could beat anyone they play on the road.
2) Vikings - Schedule is pretty tough. And they're one injury from being not so good.
3) Packers - I like Aaron Rodgers the first time when he was in Detroit and we called him Joey Harrington.
4) Lions - They're horrible. As always. What's amazing is that they're not even close to being the worst NFL franchise of all time.

South - The division that no one cares about because college football is bigger there!
1) Saints (LSU) - Easy schedule! Great offense!
2) Buccaneers (Florida/Florida State) - Really? Can't we do better?
3) Panthers (Clemson/South Carolina/even UNC!) - A disappointing season waiting to happen for the fourth year in a row!
4) Falcons (Georgia) - Ha.

West - What's the difference between the NFC West and the AL West? Somewhat non-descriptive, yet intriguing.
1) Seahawks - It's getting to the point where it's death, taxes, USC winning the Pac-10, and the Seahawks winning the West. Remember when they were in the AFC?
2) Rams - They can't be worse.
3) 49ers - I love the "Wanna grab a burger at J.R. O'Sullivan's" joke.
4) Cardinals - The worst franchise in the NFL! I would love it if Brady was traded to the Cardinals and then all of a sudden started throwing picks like Favre.

Wild Card Teams: Cowboys, Buccaneers

First Round: Cowboys over Bears, Redskins over Buccaneers

Second Round: Seahawks over Redskins, Saints over Cowboys

NFC Champs: Seattle Seahawks

We have 1% confidence in these picks. The NFC is a friggin' mess. It's like the NBA East only worse. Amazing.

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