The Minority: We're Gonna Miss Jay

Sad news out of Chicago tonight. Jay Mariotti has resigned from the Chicago Sun-Times.

From Jim Kirk at the Chicago Tribune:
"...Mariotti said in a phone interview Tuesday night that he decided to quit after it became clear while in China that sports journalism had become "entirely a Web site business. There were not many newspapers there.'' He added that most of the journalists covering the Games were "there writing for Web sites.''...

"He [Mariotti] said that he "is talking with a lot of Web sites'' and added that the future of his business "sadly is not in newspapers.'' Mariotti said that he sent a resignation letter to Cyrus Freidheim, Sun-Times Media Group Chief Executive and Sun-Times Publisher."

We're going to miss Jay. He was quick to turn a phrase and did it better than pretty much anyone in the nation. Mariotti's unique view on the Chicago sports scene was nearly as welcomed as a cup of coffee in the morning. His columns could be controversial at times, but they were usually right on target. All too often it was up to Jay to point out the hidden truths and media cover ups of Chicago sport personalities. When the Bears, Hawks, Bulls, Cubs, Notre Dame, and even the Sox, made a mistake or a bad move, it was Mariotti who usually there to point it out before the rest of us even knew what was happening.

Mariotti was unafraid to go after the most holy of holy in Chicago—from Jordan to Ozzie—he gave no one a free pass. He sought out the truth and, more importantly, pointed out what he believed the truth to be. His opinion mattered because it was well thought out and based upon sound logic. That is the hard hitting journalism and insight, which made Mariotti the best sport columnist in the United States... hell the world.

We're gonna Jay. We're sure the blogs will be all happy about his decision to leave, but not us. However, if this means more Mariotti on "Around the Horn" and other ESPN panelist shows, then maybe just maybe we can convince ourselves to be for the move.

So Jay, this Zima is for you. I know you'll land on your feet somewhere. But know that I'll miss those mornings, sitting at my parents kitchen table in Hinsdale slurping up Corn Flakes, and agreeing with every single word you wrote.


Don Kosin said...

You're not good at this, Otters. I expect better from you.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain what's with his weird eyes? Always looked like he didn't have time to get out of his drag dress and forgot to take off the shadow. Repulsive to the max - could not watch him on tv.