College Football Predictions

More because we can and we're sort of thinking about it today.

ACC - The conference that, in theory, is supposed to be good. Sort of like socialism.
- Atlantic: Wake Forest -- I know nothing about these guys other than they've been pretty good the last few years. And Clemson does one thing well—not win anything in the ACC.
- Coastal: Who cares. No one here is any good. Virginia Tech will probably win it just because someone has to. On the plus side, the ACC Coastal has locked up two awards—worst name for a division AND worst division in college football!
- BCS Team: Ugh. Wake Forest. Wow the ACC sucks.

Big12 - Hey look, it's the most overrated conference in college football! Big Ten teams rejoice!
-North: Missouri—One thing is for sure, it won't be Kansas the worst good team in college football history. Colorado will be good one of these days right? If Colorado played Washington would it be considered retro?
-South: Oklahoma—I'm going to say it, the Big12 South is better than the SEC West. It's going to be hard for the Sooners to go undefeated in conference play.
- BCS Team: Texas (remember them?), Oklahoma. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see them lose by 17 in the BCS.

Big East - Pittsburgh - If anyone claims they know what is going on in this conference this year, they're full of shit. Why Pitt? Why not? West Virginia seems to find a way to not make the leap year in and year out (the drubbing of Georgia a few years ago excluded). Pitt's toughest conference game is on the road at South Flordia, who no one knows anything about save they were #2 at one point last year. So why not Pitt? A win of Iowa in the third game of the season would go a long way.
- BCS Team: Pitt

Big Ten - Ohio State - This is the best team in the nation but no one wants to admit it because they've lost the last two BCS games. But they have pretty much everyone coming back from a team that didn't get beat as bad as everyone says they did in the national title game. If they beat USC they're going back to the National Title game, because after that only a trip to Madison will stop them.
- BCS Team(s): Ohio State, Wisconsin

Pac Ten - USC - Death, taxes, and USC winning the Pac 10, or something like that. Anyway, no longer the #2 conference in America it's still pretty good. But I don't see that second BCS team... oh and Arizona State isn't that good.
- BCS Team: USC

SEC - This really might be the most talent and the best teams a single conference has ever had. Wow are they loaded. And I would not want to play 'Bama in the second half of the season.
- East: Florida - Did you see that offense last year? It was sick. It was awesome. It was fun to watch. It was everything we love about college football. We don't see them losing to an overrated Georgia squad (which isn't the Bulldogs fault, they're a top five team, but not #1).
- West: LSU - We don't want to pick them, we but since they get 'Bama at home and Auburn doesn't... well we'll take the Tigers. The LSU Tigers.
- BCS Teams(s) - Too bad they can't send three. Florida, Georgia

Non-BCS conferences:
- We love us some Boise State.
- Notre Dame goes 6-6, we see four wins on their schedule. Then a bunch that could go either way: Michigan, Purdue, @UNC, @Washington, @BC, and Pitt. The disaster scenario has them at 1-3 when Stanford comes to South Bend. Unlikely, but not impossible. Fact is, no one knows. 9-3 is just as sane as 5-7. And if ND goes 5-7, I'm not sure what to say about Coach Charlie Weis.
- BCS Team: BYU

National Title:
Ohio State vs Florida. I'll take Ohio State this time.

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