Back For No Cash

You're favorite first person plural blog is back... call on the angels in Orange County, you know you've been missing us.

We're new and improved and maybe even with a new look. It all depends on how much time we want to put into that... but either way. We're back. Blogging. The joy can be heard from here to China.

Why are we new and improved? Because we are for starters. We're wiser and better writers, hey hey!, and with fall fast approaching here in Chicago, the ideas will flow like beer in the bleachers of Wrigley.

But from now one Views From Life on a Bench will focus in on sports and sports only. I know crazy since that's kind of sort of what we were doing anyway. But that is the deal. We hope to look at things from an economic point of view and hopefully offer up some thought provoking things. Don't expect us to look for crazy ass sports stories about athletes, we don't care for starters and secondly, the fact that Matt Leinart likes to do beer bongs doesn't really interest us.

So look for, well, the other side of sports. Our goal isn't to post as much as we can. Our goal is to writing some interesting stuff and if it has an economic or intellectual point of view. All the better.

So sit back and use those eyes you've got. Reading hasn't been this much fun since you were reading The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

Get ya.

Oh and don't forget to check out I Wanna Live With a Musician. It's more personal, more serious, and more interesting. If you don't like sports. And we don't write in italic over there.

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