I Don't Watch ESPN Enough

It was a big deal the moment James Brown interrupted the Jets/Fins game to tell us that Tom Brady had been hurt.

But non-stop coverage? Funeral like tone on the ESPN set? Majority of the time spent on Brady's injury which no one knew anything about?

When did Tom Brady become bigger than Brett Favre or T.O. over at ESPN? Hell, how many people actually care about Tom Brady? He's Tom Brady, that's it. I never knew he was so loved outside of New England that we had to pretty much stop broadcasting anything that had to do with baseball and cut all NFL coverage to 3% of what it normally is.

I like Tom Brady. I hope he gets better. But he's sort of bland... have you ever seen the guy interviewed? Not the most interesting of interviews. He doesn't even smile half the time. He was always just a guy who was pretty good and happened to win three Super Bowls. He was never a five star, stop the presses sort of athlete.

But ESPN is treating it as if he is Favre or T.O. I'm confused, that's all... because Brady was never a media whore like those other two. And therefore, I assume, most people's opinion of Brady was one of somewhat indifference (unless of course you are/were jealous of him).

I guess what I'm saying is that, I never thought of Tom Brady if he wasn't on the football field. And while the injury should be the #1 story... we've already reached Brady-overload. And at 1pm central we never in the world thought we'd feel that this story would be over-reported 24 hours later.

See, ESPN is tricky like that sometimes.

As for the Pats future for the rest of the year... check this out.

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