The Hater on Maher

We can't stand the blowhard that is Bill "Glib" Maher because he's part of the problem, even though he's either too stupid to realize it or he sold he soul for the sake of his ego. Maher is just as bad as the Bill O'Reilly or Rush's of the world since he goes on TV and attacks people who he doesn't agree with - thus giving him blowhard status. Instead of dialogue it's all about Maher's 'correct' and extremely limited point of view. It's people like Maher that hurt his cause (either the Truth or liberal American point of views) without even realizing it.

Anyway, the Hater is right, this is almost too perfect to not be staged.

Mossberg is right, free the phone. It's crazy that we're held hostage by the contracts and 'rites' that the telecoms companies hold. It'd be one thing if AT&T was the one who invented and patent the iPhone for example, but they didn't. So what right should they have over the use of the iPhone (and Apple isn't innocent either here since Apple does attempt to limit users of Apple products to only Apple's software).

We know that our little blog has gone though a few tough months, but boy-oh-boy, what about Deadspin? It sucks now. The new format (well new in that it's a few months old) stuck a fork in the site for us. While the quality of posts have been so-so for a while, there would be a gem here and there. But with the new format making it nearly impossible to read, why even bother? The comments section is filled with all those people you hear old people bitching about when they say younger generations suck. Thankfully, The Big Lead has stepped it up, actually talking about you know, sports, without the "look at how funny we are at writing without actually trying to be funny! It's natural we swear!" style of writing. The rise and fall of Deadspin should be a book in about three years.

(We should note, we have been linked on Deadspin a few times and we are thankful for that).

Soulja Boy up in it (OH!)
Watch Me Crank It
Watch Me Roll
Watch Me Crank Dat Soulja Boy,
that Super Man Dat (OH!)
Now Watch Me Do
(Crank Dat Soulja )

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