Niner Pickers

Picks… because we’re bored.

BILLS (+1) over Bengals
If the Bills were in the NFC the good people of Buffalo could be buying playoff tickets.

Broncos (+3) over LIONS
Ugh… I the Broncos are just good enough to lose. Meanwhile the Lions are a pretty pitiful team. In fact, they might be the poster child of the quality of the 2007 season. They’re 5-2 and maybe looked impressive in one of those wins.

TITANS (-4) over Panthers
Then again, the Titans seem like they’ll be the team that goes 10-6 but 4-12 against the spread.

CHIEFS (-2) over Packers
KC at home… KC at home… How many bad interceptions does Favre throw this game? Three? Four?

Chargers (-7) over VIKINGS
It’s going to be hard for the Chargers to get a bye at this point, but they are setting themselves up to peak at just the right time. The week before they play the Pats or Colts.

Niners (+3.5) over FALCONS
Hey look, it’s the third game, already!, on the schedule that you won’t catch me watching!

SAINTS (-3) over Jags
In this crazy NFC world that we live in, the Saints are suddenly not only back in a divisional race, but who’s to say they couldn’t go to the Super Bowl? Other than some talking heads, who’s to say they can’t? Who? Who? Who? Oh, and since it was the NFL, yet another positive ‘roid test this week. This time it was Marcus Stroud on the Jags. Yet that barely made ESPN’s front page. Meanwhile, Mike Cameroon apparently hangs out with Mike Vick.

Redskins (-3.5) over JETS
The Jets suck.

Cardinals (+3.5) over BUCS
The forth game that we won’t be watching.

BROWNS (-1) over Seahawks
Seriously, the crisis in the NFC is nearing White House action. It wouldn’t shock me if the winners of the NFC West and South had 8-8 records.

COLTS (+5.5) over Patriots
In the grand scheme of things, this really isn’t that big of a game. But it’s nice to know that they’re playing it in Indy for the first time in like six years. Since this is the only game that really matters this week, a few more thoughts:
- We’re thoroughly enjoying the Patriots running up the score.
- The Pats D hasn't played all that great this year. Just a thought.
- What has gotten into Tom Brady? Does he want to go down as the greatest Quarterback of all time or something? We admitted before the season started that Peyton was the greatest of all time. Peyton had won the Super Bowl. And sure, while his playoff record and stats are nothing to write home about; the way Manning dominates a game, from his vision to his pre-snap bullshit, no one we’ve seen is like him. (fyi: Manning has the lowest QB rating for a Super Bowl winner or maybe it was for a QB Super Bowl MVP… no matter it’s like 65). But no Tom Brady seems set on throwing as many touchdowns as Barry Bonds had taters in a season.
- Why don’t the Colts get more love? Because they only win by 20? Weird. And if they win, everyone and their mother will crown them the greatest team of all time.
- One of these two teams will not make it back to the AFC Championship game. So enjoy this one.

Texans (+3) over RAIDERS
Five games no one wants to see.

Cowboys (-3) over EAGLES
If you’re Andy Reid are you relieved that your kids are going to jail? Is there a reason Andy Reid didn’t resign as coach a year ago? Two years ago? Did he not know about his kids being junkies? Did he put football in front of family? I mean there are like a million questions to this entire situation aren’t there? And while we’re asking questions, after last weekend I think McNabb is right about those black QB stuff. If Donny was the one getting lap dances from Britney, would there be any doubt that he’d be getting killed by ever single media member in the world?

Ravens (+9) over STEELERS
The over/under is 36… so apparently the Steelers are suppose to win 24-10 or 24-13. I’ll take the points.


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