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Since everyone else does an NFL picks post and we’ve done it in the past… why figured, why not do a NFL picks post? And here we are. Sorry if you’re yawning already.

Vikings (+9.5) over COWBOYS
Adrian Peterson, aka the 2nd pick of next years fantasy drafts, may have had the best game I’ve ever seen an NFL running back have. My Lord this kid is good. I saw a highlight of him two weeks ago and was impressed, but after watching him for 60 minutes, I’m in love. The kid is going places.

On that note, are the Cowboys really the best team in the NFC? And why isn’t anyone else talking about the Vikings? They can run the ball and stop the ball. Yes, I know their QB is Tavaris Jackson, or at least I think it is, but they can control the line which is like 70% of an NFL game.

BILLS (+3) over Ravens
I don’t think the Bills are that good, but the Ravens can’t score points. I’ll take the three.

LIONS (-2) over Bucs
The Lions are the closest thing we have to a college team in the NFL right now. They sort of play defense, they can throw the ball, they won’t win on the road but they’ll play you tough, and they’re going to win most games at home. As for the Bucs… I have nothing good or bad to say about them.

DOLPHINS (+16.5) over Patriots
I know the Patriots are beating everyone by 20 points. But I’m going to take the Fins for one reason: they’re at home playing a divisional opponent. Even after the Pats win by 21 points, I’m not going to feel bad about picking this game.

Falcons (+9) over SAINTS
Wait the Saints win one game in Seattle and all of a sudden they’re giving 9 points? Too many points… yuck. Bad game. Don’t bet this game unless you know something I don’t.

GIANTS (-9) over Niners
Personally, I think the Giants stink. But apparently, the 49ers stink more. But seriously, how are the Giants this good?

REDSKINS (-9) over Cardinals
Redskins at home and the Cardinals are without a QB.

TEXANS (+1) over Titans
I’m assuming Vince Young isn’t playing. Note: The Texans aren’t that good, yet some how they’re going to be in this playoff race. The 2007 NFL Season! Where Bad means Good!

BENGALS (-6) over Jets
The Jets stink. The Bengals aren’t very good. I could see this being a big fantasy day for a few guys on the Bengals… if only because I can’t see the Jets scoring 20 points, so I’ll go with the Bengals.

Chiefs (+3) over RAIDERS
You’re guess is as good as mine… but the Chiefs are in first place in the AFC West! The Chiefs!

SEAHAWKS (-8) over Rams
The last few minutes against the Saints last week, the Seahawks ran the worst late game drill ever. Hasselbeck was throwing the ball up for grabs. They weren’t rushing to the line, using time outs, calling weird plays. It was easily the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my life, which was topped off by them going for it on 4th down losing by 10 points instead of kicking the field goal. Yet, a week later I’m taking them against the Rams. My Lord the NFL stinks.

Bears (+5) over EAGLES
The Eagles almost lost to the Jets. Andy Reid will throw the ball. Meanwhile, the Bears don’t have anyone who can play safety. So you know what… this game could go either way. Maybe I still think the 2006 Bears will sort of show up one of these weeks, you know the team which was good for a bomb, a return by Hester, and the D making five or six plays. Right now, they’ve got the bombs, they’ve got the returns from Hester, but the D has done shit. I’d love to see Andy Reid tell McNabb to put the ball up in the air 45 or 50 times.

Steelers (-3.5) over BRONCOS
This is more a “what happened to the Broncos” pick than a “wow, the Steelers look great” pick.

Indians over RED SOX
The Baseball Gods hate TV ratings. I know Paul Byrd just got busted for HGH, but you know what, the Red Sox break hearts. This is what they do best. 2004 was the exception to the rule. And now, as a country is forced to suffer though millions and millions of white people wearing faux worn Boston hats, to go along the green and pink hats, every white male who has strong allegiances to a baseball team and every minority is rooting for the Indians today. Sure it’s only 40% of America, but we’re vocals.

JAGUARS (+3) over Colts
I’ll take the home dog in divisional games almost every time. And this is another one of those times. And can we just make it official: Peyton Manning is the best QB in NFL history.

SEASON: 45 - 44
This is using ESPN's pick 'em game, which is totally flawed. But it's all we've got right now (and by the way, that puts us in the 83 percentile).

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