Well, At Least We Now Know What It's Gonna Be like When Jesus Come Back

Roger Clemens, as I'm sure every white male in America now knows, is coming back AGAIN to pitch for the New York Yankees. And he informed everyone during yesterday's Yankee game, taking the mic, and making his announcement from the Owner's Box. I'm sure some where in Hell, Mussolini was feeling proud.

So Ego#1 is back... and this follows closing on the heels of Ego#1A's impassioned defense of his bloody sock, that wasn't bloody and everyone knows/knew it wasn't. Blood doesn't just 'appear' and then stay as is; and ankles don't just 'bleed'.

How much would you pay to see Schilling and Clemens fight to the death? $200 bucks? £150? If nothing else one of them really would go away forever.

I'm no fan of Barry Bonds, but at least he never tried to go away and defend his bullshit on a blog.

Eventually we'll have more, AND BETTER, baseball thoughts. But honestly, the White Sox are taking all the joy out of watching baseball.


Evorgleb said...

One of the guys over at Highbrid Nation wrote a very interesting post about Roger Clemems and and the "real" reason he has come back to play for the Yankees. Good Stuff.

Otter said...

That's pretty funny. Thanks.