Early May Randomness

So apparently a really big spider made a really big spider web just outside my window. (S)He has caught about 200 gnats in his/her web. It’s quite disgusting. I’m not a huge fan of spiders, but they don’t freak me out like apparently most of the white American population. I do have two major thoughts on spiders:
1) As the Who asked in “Boris the Spider” are spiders as scared of us as we are of them?
2) Spiders should be referred to as ‘she’ because the idea of making something, anything, to capture anything/anyone does not really exist in the male thought process. I find women are much more into ‘capturing’ while men are much more into ‘conquering’. This is why I hated Capture the Flag growing up.

Fiona Apple is mos def underrated.

231 years ago, a few Americans worked their asses off to get rid of the English royalty. They fought a freakin’ war to end the English “repression” of the American colonies. Now, in 2007, we can’t wait to roll out the red carpet and even allow the British monarch to hang out in the White House. It feels so wrong. But then again, this is the same country where Southerns fly the Stars and Bars, but claim to be the most patriotic Americans out there. We’re a country of irony, I have to remind myself of this from time to time. Of course, white irony usually is happenstance and ignorant. And this makes me mad.

I think I finally figured out Pearl Jam and Nirvana (which means I haven’t but I think I have, thanks Mike from Bryn Mawr!): Pearl Jam is grudge, Nirvana is a band from Seattle that wrote more emotionally than the Pixies.

It feels weird to say this, but we were sort of rooting for Sarkozy to win the French Presidential race. Yes, Royal would have been about a trillion times more pleasant over the next six years, and no matter who was elected, it would have given France a much needed boost. But we actually ended up agree with the Economist, Sarkozy is better for France. France today is at a crossroads. They are right to be skeptical of globalization, capitalism, and to a degree the market. But they have responded by taking the wrong approach to certain market failures. The French economy isn’t nearly as bad as some Americans and the Economist itself makes it out to be: 2% growth ain’t bad when you’re already rich. Yet, France is sort of stuck, 12 years of blah to bad government can do that. Sarkozy sounds like he has some good ideas and policies that could turn France around. No, he isn’t Lady Thatcher, but he could be just want France needs. Someone who is willing to take a chance.

Shit, that spider has a second web on the other side of the window with 100 gnats. I’m just going to let nature take its course and wait for my place in the food chain comes up… hopefully some bird will come along and take this spider out. Then that bird will die and fertilize the ground that will sow many soybeans which will be turned into feed for a cow… and then I will drink that cows milk and eat that cows hamstrings. I will enjoy the experience.

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