Hope in the Middle East?

I was pretty shocked when I read this today:

An Israeli government commission excoriated Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday for “severe failures” in last summer’s war against the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, setting off a furious debate on whether he should remain in office.

The commission accused him of having decided hastily to go to war, neglecting to ask for a detailed military plan, refusing to consult outside the army and setting “over-ambitious and unobtainable goals.”

We said back in July that Israel overreacted to the events of last summer that lead to war... and apparently Israeli government commissions agreed (not that they asked us of course). But this is a good thing, admitting mistakes, while never fun, do lead to changes and often times progress. Hopefully there are those on the other side of the aisle who are willing to meet the Israelis half way.

Of course, if we were to be cynical, one may assume that this commission wasn't all that independent and were moved by politics, not neutrality. Olmert isn't a very popular figure in Israel right now and this could be viewed as yet another 'swing' at him.

But no matter, it is an admission of something. And something is better than nothing. Hope does spring eternal after all.

Oh, if you have time, this is a pretty good read on Southern whites during the Civil Rights Era.

And this is genius:


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