Just Do It, Chuck

I know I'm not suppose to say this being on the 'left' and a 'progressive' or 'liberal' or whatever anyone wants to call me but...

I really want Chuck Hagel to run (and it looks like he may tomorrow). I mean I really like the guy. He makes sense. He takes positions that he believes in and aren't necessarily driven by ideology or lip service. I don't know, but he just seems like a really good person to run this country after the Eight Year Disaster that was Nero. The winner of the 2008 Presidential election will have a mess to clean up. This has been over looked thus far by the media. But the economy, debt, War on Terror, civil war in Iraq, and our reputation around the world of the US range from horrible to not so hot. Who ever becomes President will have to start fixing all this. And I want who ever would be BEST at fixing it. I like Obama, I could live with Hillary or Richardson... but will they be good at fixing this mess that Nero's created/done nothing about? I think Hagel can. He seems like the guy that makes good decisions and the right decision. And that is what we're going to need in this country.

And honestly, I can't believe I just typed that above.

Just wondering, but how many people are going to vote for Hilliary just to have Bill around? Seriously... the American electorate is fickle, and we like Bill, so why not? Bill is fun, he makes us feel good and safe; sure he's got his problems but people like him.

When is the The Decider going to actually decide that the real 'decider' (Chaney) needs to go. And I stand by my stance that there is a 95% chance that Chaney is Pure Evil - Darth Vader style.


Matt said...

There was a good article in GQ magazine about the impeachment of Cheney. It's a good read.

lolololo said...

God I can't wait until Bush is out of there. Just about anyone would be better. I may vote for Hillary just to watch the Mr. Bill Show again.

lolololo said...

But right now, today if I had to vote knowing what I don't know (which is a lot) I'd vote for Tom Vilsak.
What we need is a midwesterner with good sensibilites.
Hayden thinks Jeb may try to make a run.

Otter said...

Matt, I'll check it out... thanks.