Letters and 64

Dear Viacom,

You guys are idiots. By suing Google because of youtube, you're just shooting yourself in the foot. Here are five reasons why:
1) It is no longer 1988. The Internet has completely changed how everyone sees and views media. Suing Google isn't going to stop anything; people will continue to watch videos online even if you win your case.
2) By suing Google you're only digging yourself a hole to burying yourself in. What I mean by that is that you might not like youtube or the Internet, but it isn't going away. Embrace it and figure out a way to make money off of it. If you don't, you'll be playing catch up and eventually you'll be history.
3) Limiting how and who sees your product is not a good strategy. If I'm on youtube, and see clips of a bunch of funny shit that is on NBC, I'm going to watch NBC, not your channels. If you want to reach me, I suggest you do it by NOT limiting my encounters with you to only one the cable box.
4) You now look like Goliath and Google looks like David. No one is rooting for you, we want you to lose, meanwhile you just make youtube even cooler. We will change the station if we land on MTV or the vastly overrated Comedy Central. And let me also add that Comedy Central's website SUCKS and it's so bad that I don't even bother trying to watch what you have to offer because it takes forever to load. Don't blame Google for having a shitty website.
5) Once again, you might not like the Internets, but they're here to stay. This did not turn out well for the music industry and will not turn out well for you if you resist the Internet.

Seroulsy, I hope Vicom gets their asses hand to them in court. Like Tom Brady on and off the field, you can only hope to contain youtube. It isn't going to lose. Trust me on this one old media. And this might also be a good time to add, having 60 year old white men running media companies is probably not a good idea.

In the 'you don't say' of 'you don't say's', college kids are popping pills and binge drinking... shocking.

Two random but true events of the past three days:
1) Saw a guy with a Hitler 'stache on 57th Street and it wasn't Gary Sheffield. I was floored. What's more amazing is that no one sports the Hitler 'stache (for obvious reasons) but people can't wait to show off their Stalin 'staches. I'm not sure what that means...
2) Sat next to a guy wearing a Bob Seger: The Mystery Tour leather jacket at Jimmy's.

Finally, enjoy the Tourney... we don't think the Big Ten is half as bad as Bill Simmons and everyone else thinks they are. We don't like Ohio State, but their forth of the bracket stinks. Wisconsin, blah... other than that whatever. It also seems to me that there isn't huge difference between the 4 seeds all the way up to the 12 seeds, but who knows. We love Georgetown here VFLOAB and here is one of our brackets:

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