I Wanna Live With A Musician

"I've been dusted in the dark up in Penetration Park... But I ain't ever been with your little hoodrat friend."

I love those lines from who we'd call one of the five best bands in American right now... The Hold Steady.

And with that we launch I Wanna Live With A Musician which will be a daily musical blog about songs and how they relate to our life. It's our little piece of very own High Fidelity to you. And a chance to remember where I was the first time I heard that new song that's on the iTunes chimerical (it's "Flathead" by the Fratillies in case you were wondering; and yeah they're a Libertines rip off which makes them a Clash rip off, but whatever we like it).

It's easy, we'll give you a song a day and our memories of that song. Since this is the way music works... I mean why else do couples have 'our' song? And why else are soundtracks so huge? It's because the music becomes ourmemory, a way to classify everything that happens in this so called life (the critics STILL love that show).

As Chuck Klosterman pointed out once, the reason why Big Brother sucks is because unlike the Real World, there is no music. The beauty if the Real World is that it gives us a soundtrack as we're watching the show... basically it tells us how to feel. I agree.

I'm sure there is some science out there that proves the connection between music, memory, and life; but I'm to lazy to google it.

But check it out if you're into the more "oh my gawd this person leads an interesting 21st century Midwest via East Cost originally from the Midwest life!" Maybe you'll find something you like since I'll be attempting to give you a listen to each song I'm talking about.

And more importantly, it's time to get ready for baseball. I know, I know, we're still 6 or 7 weeks from Opening Day, and there's snow on the ground in most of America, and Chicago hasn't seen above freezetemperatures in like four or five weeks, but hope springs eternal and baseball combines hope and spring and that's a good thing (and this is a run-on-sentence). So that means we'll deliver our thoughts on the Chicago White Sox, the love of our life, in the next few days.


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