I'm Never Going to Texas

Seriously... check out the new law the State government is considering:

"At issue is a proposed state law that would give Texans the right to use deadly force as a first resort when they feel their safety is threatened."

WHAT?!?! And check out what the politicians are saying:

"You've got to assume a criminal's not there to buy Girl Scout cookies, you could be harmed," said Rep. Joe Driver, one of two original sponsors. "You should be able to meet force with force without getting in trouble."

Okay seriously, this has to be a joke right? I mean this can only end badly. I have zero back ground in law, but even your average Joe on the street knows that this is going to get out of hand. I mean, isn't this basically legalizing murder?

Talk about stupid laws... this will take the case if passed. Just insane... the right to shoot someone first. What's the point? I'm staying far, far away from "Shoot to Kill" Texas.

This article doesn't go into it, but it does mention that Bush's attempt to reform Social Security as the turning point in his administration. This is a good question... when did it go all round for Bush. Not when did he start making huge mistakes (because that's fairly obvious), but when did he lose it? Was it social security? Was that the issue that really began to turn the public against him? I don't know, but it's something to think about.

Finally, after seeing about a million previews for "Wild Hogs" and "Ghost Rider" I have one question... why? Why must we waste millions of dollars on shit movies not only making but even worse, promoting, movies like this? Why? Can't the money they waste on movies like that go towards either better movies (I vote for foreign flicks since Hollywood seems to struggling with coming up with new ideas) or the poor? Wouldn't that make the world a better place? Because honestly, can you even classify "Ghost Rider" as art? I would think not.

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