Watch John Mulaney Tonight

Well I can say with confidence and confirm that former science partner, turned comedian, John Mulaney will be on the Conan O'Brien Show tonight. This is very exciting because John is a friend and we once decapitated a fetal pig together. We laughed about that a lot.

Anyway, everyone should watch because well...John is funny. And he makes us laugh and we have been known to make him laugh. But this is a cool day because for years I was telling everyone that John was going to make it... and now here he is on the best late night show in all the land. It makes us proud for various reasons we won't go into because I'm tearing up as it is (and yes I totally realize I went from the first person plural to the first person singular JUST... LIKE... THAT).

So that's I'll I've really have to inform you about on this effing cold morning in Chicago. But watch John because I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


lolololo said...

BO, I can't promise to watch, but I'll try.
So did you check out my new blog?

lolololo said...

Watched. Liked the Bible story bit.

Emerald said...

You write very well.