A Personal Update

I got business cards today. I feel the need to share this because I never blog about myself and I'm reading Chuck Klosterman right now. Some how he makes moments like getting business cards socially important.

Also, as I'm sure everyone knows, Gerald Ford died last night. I have no opinion on Gerald Ford, which may seem weird, but that's the truth. Gerald Ford is probably the least important President of the 20th century. The historian side of me can be brutally honest to the point where I'm mean. But I've never though honesty was mean, just more a bitch. Honestey's a bitch. There's a bumper sticker idea.

I also feel the need to write the words White Sox. I miss them. Next year I'm going to recorded about 50 games of the 2007 season, then put them in a box, tape the box and forget about them for three years. Then for Christmas in 2010, I will open that box and watch the 2007 WhiteSox because in 2010 the 2007 White Sox will be more interesting than the 2010 White sox. Just as the 2003 White Sox are much more interesting than the 2006 White Sox at this moment in time.

This is what I think about during the day. My life on a bench. Zing.

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