College Bowl Picks, Round Two

It's time to post the next 'set' of games... the bowls get a little better featuring teams that most of us have probably seen on TV. If you missed the first eight picks, here you go. If not... then you know the deal. We're off to a pretty good start I might add.

December 28 - Independence Bowl: Oklahoma State (-2) Alabama
Who is coaching the Tide in this game? I hate taking a middle of the road Big 12 teams, but I've got no faith in Alabama. BTW, this has to be the worst bowl game out there. Two 6-6 teams that can't play defense.
PICK: Oklahoma State

Texas Bowl: Rutgers(-7.5) Kansas State
I'm not a huge Rutgers guy, but they did have a Hell of a year losing only twice (once in overtime at West Virginia). Meanwhile Kansas State is sort of back, but that's only because they beat Texas. If you look closely you'll also see they lost to Baylor and Kansas... ouch. I can't see them shutting down Ray Rice and Brian Leonard. On a side note, this is one of the better named bowls this year... which doesn't say a whole lot.
PICK: Rutgers

Holiday Bowl: Texas A&M (+4) California
Another line that's moved a bit (towards A&M). On paper, this seems easy... take Cal. But I'm not so sure. The Aggies can run the ball, and I wonder if Cal is tough enough to with stand that. At the same time, I can't seen the Aggies slowing down Cal all that much when the Bears have the ball. Tough pick since if the Aggies can run the ball and get a few stops, they'll cover. But if they go down, there is almost no way they can get back in the game since they really can't throw the ball. No matter this should be a pretty good game, maybe the best non-January bowl.
PICK: Texas A&M

December 29 - Music City Bowl: Clemson (-9.5) Kentucky
Kentucky doesn't have a win that makes you go, oh wow! Then again, Clemson couldn't even win their ACC division. Clemson doesn't take care of the ball, Kentucky does. Clemson doesn't want to be there, the Wildcats do. I full expect Clemson to run all over the Wildcats, but a few turnovers keep the game closer than it should. I'll take the points.
PICK: Kentucky

Sun Bowl: Oregon State (-3.5) Missouri
Ugh, tough line. But you know what, Oregon State is hot and has a few decent wins on their resume. Missouri comes in limping and lacking that win that makes you go, oh, that's nice. On top of that, thePac-10 is better than the Big 12 this year. Even though the stats say other wise, I'm going with the Beavers.
PICK: Oregon State.

Liberty Bowl: Houston (+6) South Carolina
A lot of points should be scored in this one, so that usually favors the favorites (or at least, I think it should). I know Houston had a great year and all that, but this is one of those match ups where you look at who's playing who, and you realize that South Carolina has better talent, coaching, and played better teams throughout the year. I'll probably be burned in this thinking, but who cares.
PICK: South Carolina

Insight Bowl: Texas Tech (-6.5) Minnesota
Our first Big Ten game! That means we've got to be rational about things... don't be a homer... and I won't. I saw Minnesota get killed by Wisconsin and I don't think they'll be able to keep this one close. That isn't to say that Texas Tech doesn't have their own problems, but the Gophers can struggle to put up points and stop the pass. Even though they come in on a three game winning streak, the Red Raiders don't put up a ton of points, I can't see the Gophers keeping this close.
PICK: Texas Tech

Champs Sports Bowl: Purdue (-1) Maryland
Weird game... neither team had that great of a season (well maybe Maryland). Neither team can really run the ball or stop the run... so it comes down toQBs. I'll take Curtis Painter's ability over Sam Hollenbach's 'maturity' (aka he's a senior). This came could go either way since Purdue can't stop the run.
PICK: Purdue

December 30 - Meineke Car Care Bowl: Navy (+6) Boston College
Navy cannot go down early in this game. I repeat, Navy cannot go down early in this game. Boston College, even with Tom O'Brien somewhatbizarrely leaving for NC State (huh?), has more talent and a better QB. Plus they've won six straight bowl games, which is pretty impressive no matter what bowls they've been win. Also I just installed one of those 'energy saving' light bulbs and this one is bright white. I love it. Love the light it gives out and it's saving me money. Greatest light bulb ever.
PICK: Boston College

Alamo Bowl: Texas (-9) Iowa
Please, the line could be Texas -21 and I'd still take the Longhorns (this line has moved towards Iowa I might add). And this game is in SanAntonio on top of it. Iowa's dead in the water or something like that. Iowa is, hands down, the biggest disappointment in the country this year. Sort of like Auburn in 2003. So at least Iowa can hang their hat on that when they get killed. Worst 'big' bowl game of the season.
PICK: Texas

Chick-fil-A Bowl: Georgia (+2.5) Virginia Tech
Again, easy pick... but wait, the game is in Atlanta. Then again, that doesn't change a thing. Virginia Tech came on big time at the end of the year, and with all due respect to Wake Forest, are the best team in theACC . Tech also features the best D in the country. And lets not forget that Georgia is starting a freshman whose thrown 12 picks at QB. And then there isVaTech's special teams. Even if this game was played in Athens, I'd like the Hokies.
PICK: Virginia Tech

December 31 - MPC Computers Bowl: Miami (-3.5) Nevada
Knee jerk says stay away from Miami. But at the same time, this is a change for the 'Canes to go out and show their new coach what they've got. This might be one of those times where a coaching team actually helps the team. Oh wait, LarryCoker is a lame duck coach on the side lines. Awesome. Ugh, Miami has more talent and all that jazz. But they've played so bad forCoker this year.
PICK: Miami

I know I just picked a lot of favorites, but I don't like any of the under dogs... I even went back and tried to think of reasons to take the points, which is never a good thing.

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That Guy said...

I wish I read your picks before I called my guy. I was on the other side of Clemson even though I just knew there was no way they'd take care of the football.

Started 8-1, 9-5 now. So that's fun.