We Were 7-0 Last Week...

Yes, around 10:00pm on Saturday night we began to realize that we were making a run at a 7-0 week against the spread. Once Georgia Tech didn't completely blow the game to ND (well, against the spead) all we needed was for FSU to keep it close with Miami… and they did. And like that, we were 7-0 against the spread last week. And honestly, we couldn't wait to toot our own horn. So that's what we're doing… good job VFLOAB.

(And yes, I think I just took using the first person plural AND third person to the next level).

There are some really intriguing games this week… Penn State travels to Indiana to face Notre Dame, Mississippi goes to Missouri… and of course Ohio State goes down to Austin. While again, not the greatest slate of games in college football, some really interesting match ups. Let’s get to it…

Minnesota (+8) vs CALIFORNIA – I want to pick the Gophers, but two things scare me: Cal is coming home and has to be pissed, and Minnesota’s secondary which is nothing to write home about. Bears cover, but I think this might be a close one. If Cal loses their season is effectively over, they get the 2003 Auburn tag, and the Gophers look to make a run for a New Year’s Day bowl.

LSU (-15.5) vs Arizona – ‘Zona did beat BYU at home last week. LSU beat no one but they won big. LSU is better and at home… Tigers big.

Georgia (-3.5) vs SOUTH CAROLINA – I hate taking a road favorite in the SEC, but I saw some of that South Carolina game last week… they weren’t very impressive. And they were playing Mississippi State, not exactly a ‘good’ team. Georgia meanwhile destroyed who ever they played; with that one kid returning two punts for touchdowns (well one since he decided to celebrate on the two yard line by letting go of the ball on one return). Then again Georgia has an unsettled QB situation and they’re going on the road with probably a young kid… I hate this game. Should be fun to watch though.

BOSTON COLLEGE (+2.5) vs Clemson – Home dogs treated me well last week, or at least, Tennessee did. I think Clemson has more talent, but you know what, Boston College isn’t bad. They’re always well coach and tough at home. Clemson always, always, always seems to lose games that they should/might be able to win (and then beat FSU to keep Tommy’s job). I like Boston College here… call me a Jesuit homer if you will.

Virginia Tech (-13) vs NORTH CAROLINA – UNC looks like an interesting pick, but they lost to Rugtars at home last week, VT did what VTs does. Win the games they should. I think this one could get ugly, dare I say a statement game for the Hookies? They roll.

Penn State (+7.5) vs NOTRE DAME – I’m going to be totally objective and honest… Notre Dame isn’t a top five team. They’re a top ten team. That means they’ll lose one game that should win. But only one game. And it’s not this week. But this is going to be a really good game. Penn State has a D that’s as good as Georgia Tech. And a much better offense. Yeah, Notre Dame looked rusty, and Quinn wasn’t great. But part of that is due to him checking out of running plays (ala Peyton Manning… go figure) during the first half. I’ll be rooting for Penn State, but I don’t think they can win this game. A late ND score is the difference.

Ohio State (+2.5) vs TEXAS – That OSU D looked pretty good against one of the best backs in the country didn’t it? With a game under their belt I think the D isn’t as much of a question mark. Ohio State has more ‘playmakers’ on offense and that’s the difference. In another good one, maybe even a classic though I doubt it, Ohio State wins.

Now, we all know that the NFL starts this week. Once again, I’m sort of excited, which feels wrong since the Bears are going to be good, Simmons is always at his best during the NFL season, and of course fantasy football (even if I sort of think it’s ruining football). But I can’t get excited. Maybe it’s because of the White Sox. Maybe it’s because I won’t let myself since everyone else is going crazy about it. Maybe it’s because the NFL is filled with frauds and run by jerkoffs who get away with everything with a fraction of the criticism that baseball gets.

But anyway, I’ve been reading up on this here NFL season, and I’ll make this easy. Remember how everyone said that the AFC was better the last few years? Well now it’s the NFC’s turn. They’re the better conference. What that means, I’m not sure. But that’s the case. There isn’t an AFC that jumps out at me and says, that’s the team! In the NFC the Bears, Panthers, and Seahawks do that.

So what’s my Super Bowl prediction? It’s a tad off the wall, but who cares.

Bears vs Bengals

I know I know, Carson Palmer’s knee may explode on Sunday. But look at the AFC? Each team has HUGE holes. The Colts? Please. No one else in that division is even scarry. The Chiefs? No way… not with that D. Broncos have basically turned Jake Plummer into W, aka Lame Ducks. The Steelers? Can’t see Ben staying healthy enough for them to do it. The Patriots running game scares me, I have no clue who Brady is going to throw to, and even though Brady is gonna do his damnest to get them back, I just don’t see it. So that leaves the Bengals. And I hate the pick.

Why the Bears? Because they’re schedule is so friggin’ easy that they’re going to win 12 games, probably get home field advantage, and that D is going to be ill. I should worry about Grossman, but I think with Thomas Jones and Benson to go with that D, the Bears control the clock and win most games because of that. And I think Grossman’s got the type of talent and composure to go down the field and win you a game. Then again, he’s also got a body made of glass.

(Before I get to my picks… let me say I hate Freddy Garcia. I think Paul Konerko, slowest man alive, could seal a base on Freddy).

As with last year, I’m using the same lines that Simmons’ uses. Oh and I actually like how he’s got the Sports Gal picking games. He could totally let us males down by doing this, but I have faith. And it should be a pretty good gimmick.

TITANS (-2.5) vs Jets – What’s the lowest point total ever by an NFL team over a season? Because the Jets are going to give that a run for it’s money. This might be the worst NFL team I’ve seen since those early 90s Colt and Pat teams. Isn’t the salary cap suppose to prevent teams from being this bad? And how are the Titans giving less than 3? I don’t care if they signed they’re starting QB a week ago and his name is Kerry. The Jets won’t/can’t score points!

PATRIOTS (-9.5) over Bills – The Bills won’t be able to run the ball on the Pats. And even though I have on a fantasy team and love Lee Evans, that isn’t enough. The Pats win this ‘big’ by default. (I’m still not over my Willis McGhee fantasy experience from last year… it was just surreal. He didn’t get hurt, he didn’t flat out suck, he just annoyed the shit out of me all year. At least with Culpepper, Jamall Lewis, and a few others you could just sit ‘em and move on with life. Willis didn’t allow me to do that. And yes, I’m the guy who took Ronnie Brown in the first round and all I could think of was Willis McGhee… Willis… Willis).

E-A-G-L-E-S… EAGLES (-5.5) vs TEXANS – The Houston Texans will never be a good football team because they’re called the HOUSTON TEXANS. Don’t people realize that if you name your team something lame, they can’t be good (save the 2004 Tampa Bay Lightening)? Anyway, the Birds are poised for a great start, and then backdoor their way into the playoffs. And I have nothing to say about Houston besides that, yeah, should have taken Reggie Bush.

Saints (+3) vs BROWNS – If the White Sox winning the World Series was a 10, then put me down for a solid 8.5 on the “how excited are you about the Reggie Bush Era?”
(btw, how are people forgetting that the Browns quarterback is Charlie Fry? Or is it Frye? Or is it Frey? Who cares, that’s their starting quarterback).

Bears (-3.5) vs PACKERS – You know how we all sort of expected that Bears/Packers game on Christmas last year to be really ugly… well I think it happens this year. I think Farve could throw four picks in this one. And if that happens even this guy who thinks Brett is a c!$*sucker, well, even I will feel a little sorry for him. I never say Ali’s last fight, but I’ve got a feeling that this year will sort of be like that for us NFL fans and Favre.

REDSKINS (-5) vs Vikings – There is no way the Skins are as bad as they looked in the pre-season. And I love how DC is sort of flipping out about it… like they all can’t believe Gibbs would make a decision this poor. This is DC!!! There hasn’t been a good decision made here since the 1960s! Seriously, the city is ruin poorly, the federal government is run poorly… why flip out about the football team making a few bad choices (which haven’t even been tested yet)? As for the Vikings… not… this… year…

Chargers (-3) vs RAIDERS – I vaguely remember the Art Shell Era. And even I could tell you that he was a pretty bad coach then. Bad… idea… Jeans… (even with YouTube you can’t get this clip… INJUSTICE!)

And a clip to sent you out with… missing Childhood?

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