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Since we got a shout out from Frank the Tank, I’m gonna steal his Land’o’Links idea and just link like there is no tomorrow. (BTW, LOVE the picture).

It’s amazing what you can learn by reading a newspaper… anyway, here comes Dunkin Donuts! This is GREAT news. Not only does DD have better and cheaper coffee than Starbucks; it’s got absolutely kick ass breakfast sandwiches. So bring on those 325 stores in the DC/Ballmore area. And whatever number they’re going to put up in Chicago. I say the more, the better.

Like most others, I hate the new facebook look. It just doesn’t feel right… It’s more complicated… oh you don’t care.

I’m going to make time to watch James Blake take on Roger Federer tonight. Blake’s easily the most charismatic and best US men’s player right now. Federer is the best in the world, and maybe the best tennis player ever. I want this one to go five sets and keep me up until 1 in the morning… sort of like that Blake v Agassi match last year.

And here is reason #76 why were happy we're leaving DC... the effin' Fish here are turning into boys and girls and boys and boys and girls, and girls and boys... something like that. Seriously, male fish that are laying eggs IS NOT A GOOD THING. But fitting for DC. And if this doesn't want to make you read the article, you're just no fun:
Abnormally developed fish, possessing both male and female characteristics, have been discovered in the Potomac River in the District and in tributaries across the region, federal scientists say -- raising alarms that the river is tainted by pollution that drives hormone systems haywire.

Finally. Now if we can get TO to shut up and ESPN to stop covering him… anyway, thanks Tony for speeding this up a bit. And as a side note, I’ve got no clue how Blair is going to go down in history. I would guess, right now, it’s going to be a mixed bag. The Iraq war and his relationship with Bush will ‘hurt’ him in many eyes. But he did bring Labour out of the dark days of the 1980s. He probably over stayed his… errr…. visit to 10 Downing Street. Where Labour goes from here will be interesting too.

Let’s just call this a guilty pleasure… I’m not sure why I enjoy Lori from the Real World: Back to New York so much, but I do. Maybe it’s because she seems fresh at times, maybe it’s the look of the site... I really don’t know. But I like it. And if you care about what the Real World Houses look like… we here’s the website for you.

That’s all, I’m tired. Get ya.

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