It's been a week, but we're back!

I know, I know, it’s been a week. But I had a big move this week (back in Chicago to start Grad school if you care) and had to say good bye to DC. And I ended up watching most of HBO’s “Rome” on DVD (if you like time period pieces, it’s awesome). And well, this little blog got put to the side.

But we also realize that we’re now 13-1 in college football picks. That’s right… 13-1. And this seems like it might become a public service announcement type deal were… well, you know what I’m getting at. 13-1… if you put ten bucks on each game… yeah, exactly, you’d be going to the strip club this weekend.

(SIDENOTE: I’m going to the CubbieBear tonight… I don’t know why I felt the need to say this, but I did. I hate myself. I can’t wait to run into the first “I’ve been drinking since 2:00! Guy who works at the CBOT in bonds” at around 10:30. It’s gonna be awesome! The North Side, LOVE IT!)

Anyway, when you’re 13-1 over two weeks, you can’t just stop picking games. So we continue today… Hey did you hear it was Separation Sunday?

BOSTON COLLEGE (-7) over BYU – Jesuits vs Mormons… nothing like a good religious battle to start the week. (btw, now watch Clemson beat FSU this week, just watch).

LSU (+3.5) over AUBURN – I’m taking the points in this one. And thanks for making this line 3.5 and not 2.5 good people at sport books. Honestly though, this should be a defensive struggle (I know, way to go out on a limb this being the SEC and all). The winner of this game controls their on density in the SEC West, so it should be a good one.

Michigan (+5) over NOTRE DAME – Amazing, ND looks aiight against Georgia Tech and every says “overrated!” they then dominate a Penn State team that might as well have been playing for ND and every is screaming “underrated!” Make up your minds people. Honestly, that Penn State game is misleading. And while I hate the fact that I just took a Lloyd Carr team on the road in a big game, I just think ND got a gift last week. I can’t see Michigan making as many mistakes. Michigan wins…

USC (-17.5) over Nebraska – You know how the networks and SportsCenter build up games saying things like “this is a chance for Nebraska to prove that it’s back!” well you know what happens most of the time in these games? The team that is going to ‘prove’ that it’s ‘back’ gets run over like a rabbit by a Ford F-150. It’s never pretty. And the post game quotes always read something like “I thought we were there, but obviously we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

FSU (-4.5) over Clemson – I have a theory that Bobby Bowden loses these games to Tommy when Tommy needs the win to keep his job. But I think Bowden believes he has a National Championship type team this year at FSU. And Clemson is like the Arizona Cardinals of the NCAA… always tease you, always saying this is the year, always losing games they should win. Clemson is coming off a loss to BC, their ACC title hopes are all but shot at this point. Now they get an FSU team that played their hangover game last week. ‘Noles roll.

Iowa St (+13.5) over IOWA – Iowa’s developed a nasty habit recently… losing to Iowa State and pretty much ruining their hopes of making a National Title run. Iowa is the better team, they’re going to win, but this game means a lot to Iowa State. They keep it close.

OREGON (-4.5) over Oklahoma – I get the feeling that the Sooners are a one trick pony. Lucky for them, that pony happens to be the best pony in all the land. But I also think we’re looking at a Pac-10 match up a few weeks from now where an undefeated USC teams plays an undefeated Oregon team for a BCS (maybe even National Title) birth. The Ducks look really good… btw, since the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim dropped the Mighty, can the Oregon Ducks pick it up? Or do they have to wait two days ala a waiver wire?

Last Week: 6-1 (13-1 for the season)

Now on to the NFL games… last Sunday, I’m watching the 49ers and Cardinals game… it’s a good game, a little sloppy, but fun. Felt a little like a college game in fact. So with the Cards up 10 with about a buck thirty left to play, D and I are just sort of watching to see what happens. The 49ers are driving, they’re around the 30 yard line, looking like they might score when out of the blue, the call on the field goal unit. D and I look at each other. “That’s weird,” I say.

“Has to be something with the point spread,” says D.

And sure enough, it was. The line was 7.5… things that make you go INTERESTING. Wouldn’t shock me at all if Nolan was told to kick the field goal.

(BTW, Simmons’ wrote about this today, but said next to nothing about the LeadPipeLock NFL/Vegas conspiracy theory I’ve been working on for two years now:
Finally, an NFL team trailing by 10 in the final minute successfully executed the old "Madden" trick, where you drive inside your opponent's 30, immediately kick the field goal to slice the lead to 7, recover the onside kick, then have enough time for a couple Hail Mary cracks at the end zone. That's the only way to play it, and I can't remember it happening in a real game until Coach Hitler and the Niners pulled it off in Arizona last week. And sure, they ended up screwing Arizona backers (including myself) by covering the 7.5-point spread. Whatever. I feel vindicated.)

So keep this in mind when you see a weird play call, or how the 0-9 Raiders some how are 7-2 against the spread… just don't say I didn't tell ya.

RAVENS (-11) over Raiders – Oh my… the Raiders didn’t even look like a football team on Monday. I mean, wow… did you see Dante’ Stallworth looking like Randy Moss for the Eagles? I openly wondered if Brooks was that bad during Stallworth’s performance, and then I saw Brooks on Monday. Yuck. Seriously, just throw the ball up in the air and pray that Moss catches it. And yes, I love Jerry Porter right now. Openly rooting against teammates? Wouldn’t TO be so much cooler if he did this?

DOLPHINS (-6.5) over Bills – The Patriots spotted the Bills ten points and the Bills still couldn’t win. But count me as worried about the Dolphins, no one has said it, but that entire team came apart during the 4th quarter of that Steeler game last Thursday. I’d be worried.

COLTS (-13.5) over Texans – I don’t care who’s the coach, this franchise is going to suck for years. Did anyone else notice how the team quit in the second half? And they still can’t protect Carr, who’d be a good NFL QB if he had more than two steps to get rid of the ball. What a terrible franchise. And I didn’t even bring up the fact that they passed up on Reggie Bush. Have them join the NHL or something.

Chiefs (+11) over BRONCOS – Huh? I know Cinci just destroyed the Chiefs in KC last week, but did you see the Broncos? Seriously, Jake Plummer looked like Jonathan Quinn. And now they’re giving 11 to the Chiefs… oh wait… Huard is starting? In Denver? Oh… well… let’s just move on. This one doesn’t count but I’m not erasing it.

Patriots (-6) over JETS – Just a week ago my buddies and I were setting the “Total Touchdown the Jets Offense scores in 2006” at 20.5. Now don’t we look silly. All they do is go on the road and beat the Titians. But I can’t see the Pats playing so poorly too weeks in a row. And I’ll say it again, does anyone trust the Jets offense to put up 17 points? I don’t.

FALCONS (-5.5) over Bucs – If the Falcons win this week, they’re officially the team to beat in the NFC South. And I’m not sure if I’ve said it here before, but Michael Vick is not a bad quarterback. And his numbers aren’t half as bad as people think if you read them like you should… combining his rush and passing stats. All of a sudden he’s a 3,000 yard, 20 touchdown guy. And yeah, I realize that his completion percentage still stinks and you’re looking at 12-15 turnovers, but also realize that when all else is lost, he can take off and run. And that element can’t really hurt you. I’m just saying, well, don’t bust on Ron Mexico, he’s given us so much.

Saints (+2) over PACKERS – The Brady Quinn watch is between the Packers and Raiders (and probably Jets, but hey, they’ve already got a win). Vegas wants you to take the Packers, but don’t be fooled. They stink… just a bad, bad team that got absolutely dominated by the Bears last week. Meanwhile, the Saints went on the road and beat the Browns, who are, a better team than the Packers. And the Reggie Bush Era looks to take a step forward this week. I’m happy.

Redskins (+6) over COWBOYS – Both teams need to win this game in the worst of ways (espically if the Eagles beat the Giants). Sure the Sinks have some problems (no pass rush and lack of play makers that don’t pick up 15 yard penalties in the process). The Cowboys… I think this is the week TO starts stirring the pot. This is not ending well.

Last Week: 4-3

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