Loose Ends

That sound you here? That’s the first rumblings of actual Fantasy Football. And that other sound? That’s the wishful thinking of Saturday, September 2, 2006.

Can we all just admit that Israel is invading Lebanon at the moment and, in these here eyes, is an act of war. And what’s up with the US giving Israel a week? How does that work out? Does the US say something like “Okay guys, you can do what you want for a week, then weren’t going to look at you very, very sternly.” Or is it more of a “We’re going to turn our backs for a week, and hope this all goes away.”? This is such a bizarre and messed up situation… the US is basically saying its okay for Israel to do whatever it pleases in Lebanon, including harming and misplacing civilians. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the recent actions by either side, but especially the Israelis isn’t going to lead to peace any time soon. [Interesting subplot that we’re starting to follow: the rift between the Sunnis and Shittes, will thing bring them together or further distance the two groups?]

The White Sox lost 5-2 in Detroit to fall to 4.5 back of the Tigers with about 70 games to play. Yes, that’s not a big lead and if the Sox win this afternoon, they leave Detroit back 3.5 games, but I for one, am worried.

Why? The White Sox starting pitching has been pretty bad since June 1. Just check out these ERAs:


ERA since 6/1/06

Jose Contreras


Mark Buehrle


Freddy Garcia


Jon Garland


Javier Vazquez


Starters Totals


That’s not good at all. And that’s been over a seven week period. That isn’t slump, that’s a trend. These guys need to ‘pull a Garland’ and turn things around soon. The only one who is even showing signs of being okay is Contreras.

The silver lining, of course, is that Garland is pitching a ton better, the bats are still hitting the ball, the Sox are the second best team in baseball, and they’re a top the Wild Card standings (not to mention being 4.5 back of the Tigers). But if the pitching doesn’t improve, even if they make the playoffs, they look to be in big trouble.

And count me as one of those guys that’s about ready to give up on Vazquez… he needs to learn how to pitch and he isn’t even showing signs of ‘learning’. Contreras in 2004 showed signs after a few months, signs that he was learning. Vazquez apparently has taken steps back. Uggg.

Remember when Bush cared about poverty for a few days? Well the Washington Post does… and now that they mention it, we do too, but we still think that it was a Freudian slip on Bush’s part more than anything else.

Songs I’m enjoying for some reason at the moment.
Turn Into – Yeah Yeah Yeahs –

Reasons don’t matter remember, but maybe it’s the music video, or maybe it’s just a nice little song that sounds a bit sweet and innocent and lovely and all bouncy and you could see this being used in a movie as a ‘falling in love’ sequence. Those are always fun. May favorite is from “Outside Providence” of all movies. I forget what they play, but I’ve always enjoyed that part where Dunphy and whatever Amy Smart’s character was called.

New Slang and Caring is Creepy – The Shins – I’m not sure if these are perfect summer songs, if they’re perfect songs, that they’re songs that are registering because of where I am in life, or if that when I hear them it reminds me of seasons Three and Four of the Gilmore Girls. Whatever the reason, yay.

Look Around – Something for Rockets – This is climbing up the chart and entering “Never Never” territory in terms of isn’t this a fun little song!

Napoleon Says – Phoenix – “You know your French well… You do expect a Messiah/You want to be European/I would be your Bonaparte” Not sure why I like that, but I love the Bonaparte line. That’s something I’d say. Maybe that’s why.

Eanie Meany – Jim Noir – “If you don’t give my football back…” Jose+10, which by the way will probably be the best commercial of the year, features this song… and me love it much.

In case you missed it, Bill Simmons picked Tottenham as his Premiership team yesterday. We’re happy for Simmons and his decision and the fact that he might be throwing soccer a bone here and there this year. He might actually make soccer cool to the masses. Anyway, it was a pretty good article from Simmons who did a decent job at explaining most teams history, fans, and general ‘deal’. And we sort of agree with him… we want to like Liverpool, but in the end they’re just too successful.

Anyway, we here at VFLOAB have been rooting for Watford for years now. It all goes back to when we were living in London and were taken to a Watford game. Since then we’ve been fans of the Hornets and enjoyed their run to the Premiership last spring. And now we get to follow them against the big boys… hopefully they’ll stay up and we can root for them for years to come in the Premiership. That would be cool.

We’re toying with the idea of doing regular updates on Watford here on the blog, we just don’t know right now. But if we do, you’ll be able to read about it.

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