Watford is Movin on Up

Cue the Jefferson’s Theme because our favorite footie team outside of Chicago, Watford, is going to be playing in the English Premiership this fall. Watford defeated Leeds 3-0 on Sunday in Wales (Cardiff) to take the Championship playoff and a promotion to play with the Big Boys. Watford will see the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea on the pitch next year. And you know what that means? A lot of money… in fact the victory netted Watford 35 million pounds (that’s like 65.6 million dollars!)

So Watford’s going to be in the big time, and we here at VFLOAB are pumped. We actually saw Watford play when we were living in London, so we aren’t some Johnny-come-lately. We’ve been following the Hornets for a few years and it will be exciting to read about them on the Guardian’s website come this fall. And we’re pumped to hear that Watford’s manager, Adrian Boothroyd, realizes that “oh sky’s not the limit and your never gonna guess what is...” That’s right, European glory baby.

We can’t find any good quotes from Watford’s most famous fan, Elton John, but that’s your fast fact of the night. Elton John is a huge Watford fan, he was once the chairman of the team in fact. So while Elton is the most famous Watford fan, we here at VFLOAB are declaring ourselves the biggest American fans. Though I guess American Jay DeMerit who plays for Watford might disagree with us, we do need to point out to Mr. DeMerit that 1) we are here in the US and 2) Since he’s from Green Bay, he’s probably a Packer fan and WE DON’T LIKE PACKER FANS HERE AT VFLOAB. But yeah, we love the Badgers. And Hornets. So let’s just move on.

Yugoslavia, we hardly knew ya. Montenegro voted to split with Serbia and with it pretty much whatever you remember of your father’s Yugoslavia is now gone. So add new state to that European map we know you keep in the back of your closest and prepare yourself for the finals days. When the Serbia/Montenegro football team takes the pitch in the up coming World Cup, it will be the swan song for the country.

(And just for fun… can anyone name the six countries that resulted in the break up of Yugoslavia? We’ll put the answer at the end).

Someone please, please, shoot David Wells. And please, please, let’s all admit he’s a bigger moron and jerk than Barry Bonds. David Wells is the worst thing in baseball right now. And btw, congrats to Barry on tying Ruth. It’s a hell of an achievement no matter what he may or may not have used to get there.

And speaking of stupid baseball players… Rich Hill is beyond dumb. In case you missed the best brawl of the year thus far here’s the clip:

Anyway, so what did Hill have to say about AJ’s hard, but clean, slide into home? Hill called it gutless and pathetic. Thankfully everyone’s favorite manager lit into Hill:
"Who is Hill?'' said Ozzie Guillen. "That piece of [bleep] who pitched? Michael realized he was wrong [in punching Pierzynski]. Michael realized he overreacted.

"But that little [bleep] Hill, he should be in Triple-A. He is going to make Dusty Baker get fired. Shut up, you just got here in the big leagues. When you make a comment like that, it was a cheap shot. You don't know the game.''

And as a reward for being a moron, and sucking at the same time, Hill was sent back to AAA Iowa. And Cubs brass ripped him a bit as they sent him packing.
Other than that, we don’t have much to add about the Cubs/Sox series. Sox gave one away yesterday, but other than that they pretty much dominated the Cubs. The Cubs stink, but we all knew that.

Okay Eastern European majors… here are the six countries that resulted of the break up of Yugoslavia:
Slovenia – The only country of this group in the European Union
Macedonia – Under EU consideration
Croatia – Under EU consideration (and btw, this is the new ‘hot spot’ for German beach goers… you know how you hear about Greek or Italian beaches? Croatian beaches are just as nice)

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