CUA "Hazing"

UPDATE: I couldn't agree more with this guy over at Nandovia... Bob Reno sucks at life.

As a Catholic University of America alum, I was actually sort of happy to see CUA make the front page of ESPN.com today. Of course it was over hazing and an investigation that the University will now ‘undertake’ but I figured this might be the one time we ever see CUA make ESPN.com so I didn’t care too much.

And then I saw the pictures.

WHO CARES?!?!?! These are the lamest, most boring, dumbest photos ever. How is a male stripper hazing? Okay some of the girls are under 21… but considering that pretty much everyone I know started drinking before they were 21 (way to go MADD!) I could careless. And I’m sorry, but some girl wearing a shirt that says “I do anal” doesn’t offend me.

What offends me is stuff like Notre Dame MBA tailgates. Girls taking pictures with a stripper does not offend me. It’s not even hazing. Let’s calm down here people. This is called making something out of nothing.

This ‘hazing’ stuff is out of control. Drinking beer and ordering a stripper is not hazing. Hazing is making people do things that are ‘unsafe’. Strippers are not unsafe. It’s sort of like those Major League Rookies who have to wear a skirt and carry a Strawberry Shortcake Lunch Pail. So please world, stop calling anything involving drinking hazing. Stop pretending that you’re ‘holier-than-thou’. And start to realize that this crap goes on every day, every where, and it’s not stopping any time soon. The world is not full of innocence, lollipops, and candy canes. It’s filled with lame boring pictures of male strippers and beer and probably sex too. Let’s stop pretending its other wise.

Maybe the Internet will help the five people who are shocked by this to realize this isn’t all that shocking. In fact what’s shocking is that people find it shocking. I don’t care any more… let’s blast CUA for something worth while like its anti-intellectual, unjust, counter productive, and negative speaker policy. But there aren’t pictures of 19 year old girls being 19 year old girls so no one cares. Oh well.

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