Dead Man Walking

VFLOAB wouldn’t blame the President if he was counting down the days until he leaves office because things just continue to get worse for him.  In fact he sort of reminds us of Brad Lidge in October of 2005 after Albert Pujols hit that 900 foot home run off him.  

Earl Hickey would call it karma.  We call it justice.  The lesson learned?  Don’t steal.

But that is beside the point.  Since Bush’s “grand” reelection and then second inauguration in January of 2005, I’m not sure if anything good has happened to Bush and the White House unless you’re one of those people who smokes the “Roberts and Alito!” stuff.

Even that isn’t working now since majority of ‘conservatives’ don’t like Bush any more.  People don’t like Congress either, and we can’t blame them.  Right now our federal government is not only in shit up to its ears with poor planning and over spending, but it’s also divided, stagnated, in bed with special interest groups, and reactionary (never a good thing for governments).  In other words, if Americans weren’t so friggin’ rich, we’d have some of the ingredients for civil unrest.  But as it stands, the garbage is still being picked up, most people are still making enough money, and the streets aren’t out of control.  But people are more than disappointed with the government, and there is an opening for a ‘new’ party.  That won’t happen though because a third party would lack the necessary funding to make an impact.  

So we wait.  Bush might as well just put a Lame Duck sign up on the South Lawn, and if people could they’d get rid of pretty much everyone in Congress they would, but seeing that they get to decide between a prostate exam and a colonoscopy come November, people will shrugged and take the ‘lesser of two evils’… which is never a good thing for a democracy.  (Unless you’re a cynic and view every election as the decision of the lesser evil).

Anyway, in the almost 16 months since Bush but his hand on the Bible and said he’d protect the Constitution again, nothing has gone right.  I’m not kidding just check out this laundry list:
-- Social Security reform falls flat on its face
-- Tax reform never got off the ground
-- Things in Iraq haven’t gotten better, that’s for sure.  We can debate how much ‘worse’ things are another time, but like most other people, I’m waiting for that grand square to be named after Bush to be built.
-- Katrina, the perfect chance to gain some creditability back, and what does Bush do?  He waits FOUR DAYS to send any federal help.  No, it wasn’t his entire fault (though he did put Brown in charge of FEMA remember), but this was just a complete and utter disaster in every way possible.  From the ‘cane itself to the response of government at almost every level it was a disaster.
-- Iran's continued nuclear defiance.
-- Gas prices continue to climb and oil is at an all time high
-- Even though we agree with Bush’s stance on immigration, he’s getting raked over the coals by many Americans, especially those that make up his base
-- The US government continues to spend irresponsibly as if there is no tomorrow and with little to no regard for the future.  
-- The gap between the rich and middle class, let alone poor, continues to become wider.
-- Health care… millions more Americans are now uninsured.
-- The Scooter Libby Leak, and Rove’s involvement in the affair.
-- Donald Rumsfeld
-- The Jack Abramoff Stuff and the general negativity that brings to the White House
-- Those secret prisons, remember them?
-- The wiretaps and the legality of them
-- And of course his Vice President SHOT A MAN IN THE FACE.

All in all… not good times for Bush and he’s pretty much a lame duck at this point too because his numbers are so low.  I hope it was a nice ride for him.  And let the countdown begin.

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