YouTube Love

One of our new favorite things is YouTube which allows you to watch videos on the Internet with ease.  We’ll let the Economist do the rest:
CHAD HURLEY and Steve Chen, two modest twenty-something software geeks in Silicon Valley, were at a dinner party last year where several people brought their camcorders and then complained how difficult it was to share home videos online. So they did what one does in their circles. They founded a company, called YouTube; got a few million dollars from Sequoia Capital, an eminent venture-capital firm; wrote some code in Mr Hurley's garage; and then moved into a San Mateo loft that resembles an office. Their simple idea was to make uploading home videos to the internet easy.

So with that, we post some of our favorites:

HOT HOT HOT – Seriously why wouldn’t you go to Appalachian State after watching this?  Not only are the pictures awesome (love the sax player during the sax solo btw) but did you hear that one dude at the very end give some kick ass back ground vocals?

Dancing at Baseball Games – Just remember, this man has most likely pro-created.

New York Jets Drafts – In case you’re not sick of the Draft yet.

Reggie Bush – I’m not sure what I enjoy more, when he runs faster than everyone or when he makes cuts that would probably cause our knees to explode.

Notre Dame Tailgate – We realize that there is a HUGE difference between undergrad and grad students.  But this is just unacceptable.  I mean seriously… just a disgrace to white people every where.  And what’s more disgusting is that since they’re MBA students, they’ve probably all graduated and are getting six figures as we speak.  Where is the justice?  BTW, easily the worst tailgate in the history of the world.  I’m sure a German tailgate would be 100 times more interesting and fun that this.

Plane Crashes at a baseball game – Thanks to Deadspin on this one… pretty amazing.  Everyone was fine.  BTW, a plane crashed during a baseball game during this video.  A plane crash at a baseball game.  Yep.

Ten German Bombers in the Air – Unfortunately the English fans won’t be allowed to sing this during the World Cup next month… though we have a feeling they will.  BTW, I love the dude in Star of David scarf.  “Two World Wars and One World Cup” and yes we laugh during this entire video.

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