John Mulaney

We’d be fools (and a bad friend) if we didn’t link our favorite comedian John Mulaney; whose video and appearance on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham website is linked HERE. We think John is pretty funny and he made us laugh here and back in the day. His ability to link the Iraq War to modern art is pure genius in our eyes, but we’d expect nothing less from John. Yes, we’ll also be so bold to say John is someone to ‘watch out’ for in the future and maybe, just maybe if you click on that link, you can say, I heard and knew of him when… and then you can thank me for trying to make the world a somewhat hipper place.

John and I met in high school, he a Cub fan from the North Side who always had something funny to say, me a Sox fan from the southwest ‘burbs who started to learn that he makes a much better straight man than funny guy. It’s a story that hasn’t been told enough, how to boys from privileged house holds over came their geographical and rooting interest differences to become science partners, Pete Townshend junkies, and friends. We were also lucky enough to go off to college in the same town (DC) where I got to watch John begin to practice his craft doing Improv shows and the such. (we don't know why the font changed for the record... and we don't feel figuring it out and fixing it).

So to make a long story short… John is funny and you should watch this and enjoy it. Also check out the “I Love the 30s” Stuff he’s done/wrote. It’s pretty great.

Also of note, a former high school crush makes an appearance in the crowd… I think the St. Ignatius College Prep Class of 2000 set a record for ‘most appearances on a “Live at Gotham” clip’. So we’ve got that going for us… along with this blog. Hardy, har, har.

And we realize we're just beating around the Bush here, that isn't a picture of John, it's Pete Townshend one of our heros back when we were 17, and yes we're ending this right about... so just watch the clip… will ya?


In Otter Space said...

Hayden and I got a great laugh from John's video clip. Thanks for turning us onto him. I'm sure his journey has only just begun and we can say "hey we heard of him when he was just wee."

Otter said...

John's a really funny guy and always has been. This is some good stuff, but I know he's gotten even better stuff somewhere in that head of his. Fantastic writer too. We haven't heard the last of him, that's for sure.