Oh My Gawd

Oh… My… Gawd…

A few things before we get on to things.  We’re not sure more than five people actually read this thing, and to be honest, we don’t care all that much because this is just a hopefully ‘fun’ little place for us to express some opinions and get some ideas out there.  We don’t consider ourselves wantabe journalists or anything of the sort.  We’re not one of those people that hope or think we’re the next Bill Simmons or Markos Moulitsas.  We’re 99% sure that this isn’t going to lead any where career wise.  We do this for our own personal reasons, mainly so we can look back in twenty years and say “We were right!” or “Boy were we nuts…” That’s the reason.  And for a quest of knowledge.  Oh, and for the kids too.

But that said we’d like more than five people to read this blog.  Call us egotistical if you will, but ‘dem the facts.  So we’re going to be doing some things to attempt to make this more ‘readable’ and ‘internet friendly’ and other made up phrases that make no sense.  Hopefully this leads us to something bizarrely famous… actually we could careless, but it’d be fun some day to e-mail everyone and be like “Lookie here!  John Mulaney isn’t the only quasi-famous Class of 2000 St. Ignatius graduate!”

So what does that mean?  We’ll for starters; we’re going to have links.  We’re going to have a new ‘template’ eventually.  We’re going to post less frequently hopefully improving the quality of our writing.  We haven’t figured all this out and our lives are constantly changing… blah blah balh… and yes I’m sure no one cares at this point, but shockingly we’re saying all this for us.  So we’ll stop.  Peace.

Thoughts while wondering how Donald Rumsfeld still has a job…

  • It is official; I’m excited about the World Cup.  Only 50 days or something.  We like the English at the moment, but that’s only because we know they won’t win because well… they’re England.  England never wins these things just like the Dutch and baseball teams that are named after colored socks... wait, maybe there is hope for the English.

  • Am I the only American male under the age of 40 that would love to live in France?  Why do we hate on France?  Because they are our mirror image (each country prides itself on its own ‘brand’ of liberty, freedom, and acceptance)?  Then again, we should also ask why the French hate on us.  For two countries that have never been to war, it is all very odd isn’t it?  Maybe we Americans don’t like red wine all that much and the French don’t like MickyD’s all that much… oh wait that’d be wrong.

  • Rummy… we’ve been asking ourselves this question for almost 24 months now but how the hell does this guy have a job?  What does he need to do to get fired?  Seriously, he makes any bad CEO (Ken Lay) or coach (Mike Martz) look like successful guys.  It’s just unbelievable that he still has a job.  Bush just won’t fire him which only continues to fuel our theory that “a few GOPers got together - mainly Rove, Cheney, and some rich CEO types fat cats – in Texas back in 1997 and decided that Bush was going to be their man to run for President in 2000, but they were going to tell him what to do.”  It’s more than clear that it’s time for Rummy to step down, yet Bush won’t fire him.  Why?  We’re at the point were you really can’t defend Rummy any more because there’s nothing to defend, unless of course you’re a fan of piss poor planning, chaos, and lack of progress.

  • Wait?  What’s that?  Could it be the… no way!... it is!  It’s the Democrats who FINALLY decided to start asking questions about Rummy and why he hasn’t been fired yet.  If we were having a fantasy football draft, and the Democrats were in the league, they’d draft Marshall Faulk in the First round, Brett Favre in the second, and TO in the third round. Has there ever been a party who’s been a ‘day late and a dollar short’ more often than the Dems in the last three of four years?  I’m not sure there’s been a worst four year political performance in this country since the Whig Party back in the 19th century.  Things are such that the Hill should be the Dems to lose, but of course it’s going to be hard for them to pull that off since they just flat out suck right now.  Taking back the House might be tough since that shite is gerrymandered to the point where even the Soviets are envious of House elections, but odds are they won’t take back the Senate even though everything politically points to the GOP losing power.  The GOP has so mishandled everything in the last three or four years, that we should see the Dems rout them come November.  But of course, the Dems are more useless than the Torries at this point, but for all the wrong reasons.  The Dems are useless not because the GOP has stepped on their toes (like Blair and New Labour basically taking a Torrey platform back in 1997), but because they’re just flat out useless.

  • Fidel turns 80 this year, along with the Queen, and here is an extremely interesting article on Castro, Cuba, and Cuba’s future.  Cuba’s been recently ‘bailed out’ by Venezuela and the oil windfall that Chavez and the country has fallen into over the past few years (once again, thanks in part to the Iraq War).  And the country has also had to change, which is unsurprising.  And before anyone makes a smug “communism doesn’t work” comment (which we agree, it doesn’t btw); remember that capitalism doesn’t work either.  But more on that another time.  I high recommend it no matter if you hate his guts, admire his beliefs, think he’s the greatest political leader of the 20th century, a total moron, are lukewarm on him, an oppressive dictator, or think he’s just aiight.  Read it, seriously and the comments at the end are more than thought provoking.  

  • We don’t want to point fingers or accuse people of something, especially when we have next to no information, but we would like to say a few things about this Duke lacrosse case.  It’s pretty obvious something happened that night; just what it was is what we’re trying to figure out and why this will probably go to trial.  But this is also becoming a classic rich privileged, and yes, white kids getting away with acting like jagbags.  Who knows what really happened, maybe these guys are innocent.  Maybe they’re guilty.  But one thing is for sure… most, if not all, these players on the lacrosse teams are assholes.  And what’s really, really annoying is because they’re most likely from rich familes and go to Duke; they can get away with being assholes.  Life’s not fair, we know.  And too bad we can’t throw assholes in jail for being assholes.  Oh yeah, and for those who say this will ‘ruin’ these kids reputations… I bet most of these kids, the innocent kids at least, will end up with cushy jobs making more money than most people we know and continue to be assholes.  And next time, if you don’t want your ‘reputation’ to be ruined, don’t be assholes.  It’s that simple.

  • Okay if you point a gun to our head, we’ll take the New York Times over the Wall Street Journal.  But let me tell you, if the “Journal” ever decides to put there content on the net, the Op-Ed pages will be the only reason we’ll go with the NYTimes.

  • First it was Jerry Porter. Then came Jerome McDougal. Now it’s Julius Hodge. What do they all have in common? They’ve been 50Cented in the past few years, but all lived to tell (RIP Fred Lane and Ivan Calderon). So who’s the next pro-athlete to be Harry Whittingtoned?  We’ll take Curt Schilling on a hunting trip with you know who.

  • We were eating cereal while watching Spanish TV this morning trying to figure out what they were saying and we started thinking “Why don't we call cities by their actual names?” For instance, they were saying Nueva York on the TV and we say Rome instead of Roma.  So why do we Anglicize or Espanolize etc, everything?  Why call it Rome when we can easily say Roma?  Why say Nueva York when you could say New York?  We also decided that we really really need to learn Spanish just in case we do find ourselves in a situation with beautiful Lantio women.  “Te amo Peru” can only get a man so far.

  • (image placeholder) Seriously, forget left handed reliever, we’re coming back as a footie star.  Italian or French or Swedish just because it’s Sweden… we could careless. (We’d say Brazilian, but considering we might end up look like Ronaldinho, we’ll pass).

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