Home and Lazy

I'm home for the first time in three months and I went into lazy mode just... like... that... I'd love some coffee, but no one is up to make coffee so I'm waiting until someone wakes up and makes me coffee. Basically I'm waiting for my mom, who since it's 8, I assume is excising or something. So I'm waiting... and now wondering... is this what we dream that wife's will become? Like mothers, if you ask for coffee they'll bring coffee. And as girlfriends they bring coffee but as wife's they don't right?

If I get the mumps while I'm here, I'm gonna be pissed.


In Otter Space said...

I wait every morn' for Gary to brew me my cuppa' Joe and he doesn't even like coffee. Love is like that you do stuff for the other person b/c you love them.

BTW (and this is the hard core truth) your right GF's bring coffee because they are trying to sweeten you up, once your married go make your own %$*@ coffee or better yet make it for her and you will be forever praised, blessed and rewarded.

In Otter Space said...
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