Thoughts on the Day: Part 1

We did a devilish thing on Monday… we signed up for this free MarchMadness TV thing on the computer from the NCAA website. So right now I’ve got Wichita State and Seaton Hall on a little screen on my computer… and you know what that means!

That’s right! I’m watching the tourney and still came to work! No need to take a day off… save that vacation for a rainy day. I’m here, watchin’ the games and getting nothing done. So as I go though the day, I plan on doing ‘blog’ updates of the crap that stuck in my head and things I come across throughout the day… so away we go.

12:56pm - Wichita State is givin’ it hard core to Seaton Hall right now. Take that Billy Packer can go rot in a corner right now. We’ll hold off on the games as they progress, just wanted to get that off my chest.

1:05pm - Jessica Simpson Rocks… That right she told Bush to go some where else… yeah yeah I’m sure it’s not because she’s some kind of big time liberal, but rather probably just to avoid pissing people off (and when I say people I mean the 66% that disapproves of President Bush). Read about it here if you really care. And yes this was an excuse to throw a picture of her up there.

But to be a bit more serious… the GOP are such friggin’ hypocrites sometimes. Seriously. They blast the Democrats for being in bed with Hollywood and saying that the people in Hollywood are idiots, then they go out and get someone from Hollywood for a GOP Fund Raiser. Simpson decides not to do the event “because Operation Smile is a non-partisan group.” We can understand that, this is going to be a GOP fund raiser and she doesn’t want to bring politics into it. That’s fine and her decision. But now the GOP is trying to rip her for NOT BEING POLITICAL. I seriously don’t get this jagbags sometimes… how they sleep with themselves and call themselves moral and Christian. They’re the biggest group of hypocrites.

And let me remind everyone before anyone says anything… this has NOTHING to do with the Democrats or anything like that, so don’t even bring them up. We’ll get to them at some point I’m sure. And yes we realize this isn't a 'news' story, but the GOP is making it a news story. And I just want to point out how hypocritical they are right now.

1:28pm - I’m about an hour from plugging the iPod into the speakers here and then it will be official. I’m cooler than everyone else. Have I mentioned that I’m watching the NCAA Tournament games right now? The only game I can’t watch is the BC/Pacific game because that’s on CBS here in DC and therefore blacked out on the PC. But you know what… I can watch the other two games right now and that makes me happy. And we’ve got left over sandwiches in the office. Life is so good right now.

At the half, both mid-majors are up and it looks like Wichita State is going to cruise over Seton Hall. What’d up Billy Packer, Gary Williams, and the Big East?

1:40pm – By my count, the War in Iraq started three years ago right now (give or take a day) and 34 months ago President Bush said, with a big banner that read “Mission Accomplished” behind him, that “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.”

Well I was extremely surprised to read today that “More than 50 US warplanes were today involved in the biggest air offensive launched by the Americans in Iraq since the 2003 invasion, the US military said.”

Hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish our goals in this mission and it leads to a safe and more orderly Iraq (I feel like I’ve been saying that since the looting that occurred right after the invasion). But once again, and I know I’m beating a dead horse but we should all be beating this horse, it just goes to show what a piss poor job the Pentagon and the “Defense” Department did at planning for the aftermath of the initial attack on Iraq. And it also goes to show that someone in the White House was overly ambitions and outright stupid when they handed that speech to Bush back in May of 2003 (as my lawyer school friends say “never speak in absolutes”). Because any time we launch an attack that is described as “the biggest air offensive” a good 34 months after “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended”… well it looks really bad. And it’s painfully obvious that a lot of people messed up big time on a lot of different levels. I’m not sure what they were thinking… did they honestly believe that we’d go in there, get rid of Saddam, and they’d have elections and everything would be peaceful? I can’t think they were that stupid, but it appears that they were. The post-war/invasion effort and planning has been, to be kind, and complete disaster. The fact that 34 months after combat operations were declared over we’re sending out 50 warplanes… well it just goes to show how big of a disaster this Iraq thing has been.

2:14pm - And before we post our first ‘entry’ for the day… quick look at the games… I watched most of the first half of the Wichita State/Seton Hall game and Wichita State is good. They’re up 17 with 9 minutes left, and while not an upset, Wichita State is a Mid Major and Seton Hall does play in the Big East. I think it’s safe to put this idea that the #8 team in the Big East being better than the #2 team in a Mid Major theory to bed. And now I’m watching Wisconsin-Milwaukee pull away from Okalahoma with about eight minutes left. This might be our first upset of the day and the game I’m going to be watching from here on out…UW-M is a very solid team. Okay more later. (In the other game BC is starting to pull away according to the scoreboard).

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