Thoughts on the Day: Part II

2:29pm – Wichita State is rolling up near 20 and all that needs to happen is for the final buzzard to sound. But after being down like 12, Oklahoma has come back to pull within six with three to go against Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This is what we live for come tourney time and it looks like we’re going to get it… a nail biter that keeps us at the edge of our seat. Oklahoma’s Taj Grey just fouled out, which doesn’t matter too much because it’s all about the Sooners guards at this point. UWM just applied the press and the Sooners had trouble breaking it… UWM isn’t going to lose now that I just saw that. If their guards are better than the Sooners guards, good night Oklahoma. And they’re hitting their free throws… I’ll say it now, Big Conferences and Billy Packer ZERO; Mid Majors and Me – TWO.

2:34pm – Okay I’m worried… BC is only up two with 3:43 left. BC is my pick. I was driving this bandwagon on Sunday night and everyone else jumped on board soon afterwards. They’re my pick to win it all (mainly because I know if it comes down to me winning a pool I can’t go with a ‘consensus’ pick since I suck at picking first round games, so I pick the ‘under the radar team’ and pray… and it worked in 1999 when I took UConn and won like 200 bucks. And that’s how I’ve done it ever since).

2:39pm – UWM is up eight with 30 seconds to go… Calling Billy Packer! Calling Billy Packer! And BC is now up four with fifty seconds left… I might just be okay.

2:40pm – NOOOO, BC is only up one with 38 ticks left… and I can’t watch this game. This stinks. UWM is closing this out as the Sooners foul. This BC thing is killing me. KILLING ME. They’re up two now… deep breaths. BC up three… and UWM just won. First upset of the tourney and the game was never really that close.

2:42pm – Pacific makes it a one point game again, twenty seconds left. I can’t take this. My pick to win it all… a Jesuit school… a school where I have a lot of facebook friends… a school I have a bizarre attachment to… and they’re in a nail biter and it’s the one game I can’t watch! This stinks. They’re up three again, 17 seconds left…

2:43pm – NOOOOOO again! Pacific must have hit a three because the game is tied at 65 with nine seconds left. NO no no! Time out I assume…

2:45pm – And… and… I saw the clock tick down to four seconds and there it sits… tied at 65… WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?! Just went to two seconds, then to three, then to two… and now it’s over time. I hate this. Now I don’t feel so smug about not taking the day off. Karma got me there, I should have known it the moment I wrote about getting these games on the computer. That the one good game would be the one I couldn’t watch. Karma… it’s like I’ve forgotten everything Earl Hickey has taught me.

2:49pm – I’m going to do some work while this OT plays out a bit…

3:00pm – Crap… BC is down two with 1:29 to play.

3:02pm – And it looks like BC is going to lose. They’re down two with 12 seconds left. Talk about a major bummer. This will be on the Bears losing to the Panthers level for me.

3:05pm – BC ties it in what looks like a last second shot! 74 all and on to the second OT… this is FANTASTIC… of course it’s the one game I CAN’T WATCH.

3:10pm – Our next set of games feature Tennessee vs Winthrop and USA vs Florida. That’s right, Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, and Wade vs the Florida Gators. I can’t wait! And btw, Tennessee is the worst #2 seed in my lifetime. They didn’t win shit in the SEC and lost something like four of their last six. Plus their coached by Bruce Pearl who’s a jagbag. If you didn’t notice, I’m very bitter that they got a #2 seed over Illinois. BC up five with three minutes left, breathing a little easier.

3:17pm – Boston College just won 88-76 but not before giving me a heart attack. So while by bracket is still alive, I’m going to need a pacemaker the rest of my life. But as I said, at least my bracket is still alive… now that the first batch of games are over, back to the news…

3:34pm – Let me just say this right now… having Roger Clemens pitch the most important game in American baseball history has me down right scared. I could think of about 937 Americans who I would choose to start tonight’s game against Mexico over Clemens. But the Rocket is who we’re stuck with and we’ll see how this unfolds. But I have my doubts.

And yes, I hate how I have to root for Roger Clemens. I can do it, but I don’t like it. It’s sort of like rooting for snowboarders in the Olympics... only if the snowboarders were evil, frauds, and wimps.

3:42pm – Few other WBC thoughts… Cuba wants to host a few games the next time the WBC is played and MLB is fine with that. Of course there will/would be huge political issues if Fidel is still alive in 2009 and the US government would never sign off on something like that (unless the WBC becomes a separate identity based out of like Denmark), but it’s a nice thought that maybe some day we could rise above political differences for a friendly sport competition. Maybe I’m too much of an idealist, but back as a senior in high school I developed a theory that if you took two warring factions to a nine inning game on a perfect June night, gave them a few hot dogs, a beer, a scorecard, and told them to talk things out, things would get talked out. By the end of the game, the two warring parties would have found some sort of peace and the world would be a better place. And seeing that both Fidel and W love baseball… why couldn’t the two of them get together some time and take in a game? And I don’t mean an intense game, I mean like the White Sox and Royals on June 24? Wouldn’t the odds of some sort of peaceful and fair agreement being made that would resolve this 40 odd year disagreement be increased greatly? And then both sides could both move on from our ‘ideology’ battle and try to get along. Isn’t that much better than ‘embargoing’ the Cubans or watching Fidel deny the people of Cuba the chance to voice their opinion?

(BTW, Cuba wanting to hold these games which just goes to show that the World Baseball Classic is here to stay. I’m sure they’ll play it after the World Series in 2009 and the games will be a bit more in tune with the American media. There is little doubt that the WBC has been a huge success. And I love it. Just love it. For a first time tournament it’s been great. Sure it has its fair share of problems that need fixing, but for the most part it’s been fantastic. And it has been beyond huge in the Caribbean).

3:58pm – Quick look at the games… the Marquette/Alabama game is blacked out for me. Winthrop is giving Tennessee a game where Tennessee is only up two at half, no surprise there. Florida is up on USA. And the Nevada and Montana game just started, but looks like it will be a good one. BTW, the fact that I just wrote Montana and Nevada is sort of funny… talk about weird match ups… I’m pretty sure there was no point in my life where I ever though I’d use Montana and Nevada in the same sentence unless we were talking about mining or something. Oh wait! Montana is up nine with 13 left in the first!

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