I got tagged by Wrong Side of the Saw Kerf… well sort of, he said everyone else and I don’t feel like talking about anything today (yes, not even Chavez calling Blair "a pawn of imperialism" and went on to tell him to "go right to hell" interests us today. To be honest, the Chavez act is getting old and this game of chicken that he’s playing with the US is getting boring [who needs who more, US bucks or Venezuelan oil?]. You know what that means… it’s time to see if Evo Morales has anything to offer…). So I figure, let’s let the ego take over and do some what I like crap… away we go.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
Intake Specialist on a Psych Unit
Stock Boy

Four Movies I Can (and Do) Watch Over and Over:
The Karate Kid: Part 3
The Bourne Identity

Four Places I Have Lived:
Washington, DC
Chicago, IL
London, England
Alexandria, VA

TV Shows I Love:
Gilmore Girls
Arrested Development
The Wonder Years

Four Places I’ve Vacationed:
Prague, Czech Republic
Buenos Aries, Argentina
Madrid, Spain
Hannibal, Missouri

Four of My Favorite Dishes:
McDonald’s Breakfast (does that count? I’ll say bacon, egg, and cheese on a English Muffin)
Polish Sausage

Four Sites I Visit Daily:
The Guardian

The NBA Source
Facebook? Sports Guy? Blogs?

Four Places I’d Rather Be Now:
New York City

Four People I Am Tagging:
In Otter Space
Living the Dream
Maine Squeeze

I like three more than four for various reasons… all four has to offer is Bobby Orr. Plus those are like the only blogs where I know the other person and they haven’t been tagged…

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In Otter Space said...

Thanks Bo J. got tagged never then twice in a day. I'll post it later so you better come back and read it or ELSE. P.S. You are now a side link on In Otter Space..did you notice that? More hits?