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Free Association from the Weekend that was…

* I strongly believe that we should have a Breaking the Seal Ceremony when you know it’s going to be a ‘long’ night of drinking. I think shooting off a bottle rocket would be more than enough to celebrate the moment. Just an exchange like this would make the night that much more fun, “Hold on a second, I’m going to the bathroom.”
“Breakin’ the seal?”
“I’ll get the bottle rocket for you.”

* It really doesn’t get too much better than the McLaughlin Group to kick off a Saturday night of fun. The five talking heads yelling and interrupting each other is just fantastic. This week McLaughlin even called Tony Blankley’s newspaper (the Washington Times) “a little rag”. Anyway, great TV and gets me fired up every time and ready for a night of fun and craziness.

* The best Olympic Moment of the weekend was hands down, the interview with Rene Inoue and her partner both on and off the ice, John Baldwin. Among the highlights, Inoue saying, “I liked how he [Baldwin] threw me.” And Baldwin giving one of the greatest comments in Olympic history saying that he and Inoue, “had to come out and shove it in their face.” NBC then showed the highlight of Baldwin ‘throwing Inoue as she likes to be thrown’ and after she lands the 'throw/jump' we see Baldwin giving a fist rocket into a raised arm giving a “we’re number 1” sign with his finger and pulling it all back in with a arm pump… all while skating in the competition. Needless to say the ex-roomie and I watched those two minutes of TV about ten times thanks to Tivo.

In second place was the one of the Chinese pairs skating to Led Zeppelin (well actually Page and Plant). Look I know were in the middle of globalization and stuff like that, but come on, there’s no way either of these people listen to Page and Plant. None. I think this was the same pair who is in the lead right now and Dick Button had them in 15th place after they finished. (BTW, the figure skating booth? Tom Hammond, Dick Button, and some chick. You’ve got to wonder if Hammond is one of the most hated people on Earth since he announces Notre Dame football also. Figure Skating and Notre Dame football… what a career! Anyway, Tom Hammond and a buttoned up Dick Button in the same booth together made me wonder, why couldn’t Pat Haden do it too? I guess Pat Haden was too busy kissing Weis’ ass).

* I still can’t believe Dick Cheney shot a guy this weekend. Since it seems like everyone is going to live and be a-okay, this is one of those things that will never cease to be funny. Dick Cheney Shot a Man! And I love James Brady’s comment: "Now I understand why Dick Cheney keeps asking me to go hunting with him.” But the lesson learned, as always, is that guns don’t shoot people, Dick Cheney does.

But anyway, does this guy now sue Cheney? How does this play out from here? Could Cheney end up in legal trouble? And if Cheney had killed him, would manslaughter charges be brought up against him? Cheney shot him in the face! How do you shoot someone in the face on accident? Finally, how is this ‘okay’? Are we just to accept the fact that Dick Cheney shot a man on accident and move on? Is it now cool to shoot people on accident? Could murders use this now as an excuse? “Well officer, I didn’t mean to shoot him, it was an accident. Sort of like the Vice President.” Why am I asking so many questions?

* Watched Grey’s Anatomy last night, it was okay, good lookin’ girls on TV will always keep me around… but any time you’ve got a ten minutes worth of material but have to full 42 minutes of air time… well I may fall asleep.

* We here at VFLOAB were sad to see the Worst Booth in Football History come to an end last night when Joe Theismann, Mike Patrick, and Paul McGuire did the Pro-Bowl. These guys were so bad that they were good, winning the Ron Santo Broadcasting Award the past two years. But now their run is over, Patrick probably goes off to do college basketball and a few baseball games on ESPN. Who knows what happens to McGuire. And Theismann goes off to do Monday Night Football with Tony Kornheiser and Mike Tirico. We love Kornheiser and Tirico, but Theismann may bring what could and should be a great booth down. Consider us worried.

* Dubai is the fastest growing city on Earth and this city is and will be ridiculous. If you care to read about it and it's a good read… here you go.

* Just wondering but who besides Steelers fans buys these fatheads? Oh that’s right Packer Fans! And how great would it be if you knew someone who owned a Rich Tocchet fathead?

* You know spring is coming when the Westminster Kennel Dog show begins. That means one thing and one thing only… pitchers and catchers are reporting within the week.

* And speaking of baseball, the 2006 Chicago Cubs Promotional Schedule has just come out, among the highlights:
April 24: Win a Mark Prior autographed picture! 100 lucky fans will receive a 5 x 7" photo signed by the Cubs' 11-game winner!

June 16: Turn Back the Clock III - Kick off a rematch of the Cubs' most recent World Series appearance as they welcome the Detroit Tigers and try to beat them for the first time since 1945.

August 1: Nine Games Back Day - First 10,000 fans in attendance to correctly explain what "Nine Games Back" means receive a Cubs t-shirt.

* I highly recommend throwing snowballs at cars from the 6th floor of a building at two in the morning. Good times.

* How ski jumpers don’t die or break their knees every time they jump is one of the great mysteries of life.

* Is “The Flying Tomato” the worst nic-name ever?

* As you might have heard there was a big snow storm out here on the East Cost… here in DC we just missed out on the two feet levels that Baltimore on north seems to have received (We got 8 inches in the Commonwealth, maybe a few more in DC, and half of it melted yesterday and it’ll be gone by tomorrow). But this weekend brought the new chic weatherman term: SnowThunder. And while we did hear some “SnowThunder” on Saturday night this has to be the dumbest term ever. It sounds more the name of a bad 1980s band, or better yet it sounds like the rival bad to Spinal Tap… SnowTunder!!!

* Who do we root against in the Winter Olympics? In the Summer Games it’s easy since the Chinese are pretty good. But the Winter Olympics does really offer up anyone that brings hate or fear… unless you want to root against the Russians because 16 years ago they were the USSR. But that’s losing its luster, especially to someone who’s 24 now and was all of 8 when the Berlin Wall fell (and 10 when the Soviets kicked the bucket). So that whole “The USSR is evil!” and fear stuff didn’t fully rub off on me. So we’re left with the Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, Austrians, Canadians, Dutch, and Germans. There’s no way I’m rooting against the Swedes or Norwegians since they’re giving us about 83% of the good looking women in these games. The Finns are just too loveable. I’ve got no beef with the Austrians besides “The Sound of Music”. The Canadians are my fall back country, in other words, if there’s no chance an American can pick up a metal I’m rooting for the Canucks. (Though, after watching Kari Traa on Saturday and on your left, I was rooting for her over the Canadian. But can you really blame me?) And who can hate the Dutch? They wear orange for crying out loud… and I love that about them. So that leaves the Germans, and even though I don’t have a beef with them either, they become the country I root against because well, they’re… so… German.

* Finally, we haven’t read it yet, but our guy Chuck Hegel got the write up in the New York Times Magazine yesterday. Hopefully we’ll still like him after
it’s all read.

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