A Tired Monday

I really, really, really don’t feel like thinking about Bush, Iraq, or this spying stuff today. I’m tried and thinking about any of those three makes me anexious… so with that out of the way…

VFOLAB had a FANTASTIC day yesterday thanks to one of the greatest fantasy comebacks of all time (down 80 to 11 starting the 4th quarter of the early games, I come back to win 96 to 95 thanks in part to, among other things, the Redskins destroying the Cowboys D, Drew Brees brutal 3rd quarter, and Mr. Dirty Ruben Love Droughns’ fumble not being a fumble). Just an amazing turn of events that now puts me in the Champion Ship Game.

And the Bears looked FANTASTIC (I love shouting FANTASTIC on Monday mornings!) last night against the Atlanta Falcons. The D looked great. I just love watching them play, they’re flying all over the field, they’re hitting the other team, making plays left right and center… just a FANTASTIC D to watch in action. And then Rex Grossman coming on in for the second half and looking really, really good and at the same time the offense and crowd responding to Grossman in the second half. Sure he threw a bad pick on the one (but it ended up working on nicely for the Bears), but he’s got a hell of an arm and the offense just moved the ball better. I really liked how the Bears played in the second half. I’m actually really excited about their prospects come playoff time.

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Bear Down, Chicago Bears!