I Read The News Today Oh Boy: A Day In The Life

This is the first part in a running journal of today, Sunday, December 18, 2005.

9:16am – I’m out of bed and hungry. I think about going to the breakfast place down the street but instead decide to get coffee at Misha’s. When I go, no one knows.

9:36 – Football Manager 2005 is opened… let’s go Hibs!

9:54 – I pull out my change jar and collected a dollar and ninety-three cents.

10:08 – Back from Misha’s with a large dark roast. I’m missing mass and feel guilty. I’ll go later… I should go later. Back to CM4 and the Guardian, I’m sorry it’s Sunday, the Observer.

10:33 – I’m reading an (long) article on U2 in the Guardian and they bring up the Arcade Fire and Montreal, which makes me want to listen to the Arcade Fire. And just like that, “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” is playing on iTunes. I really don’t think we appreciate technology enough. It took me all of 30 seconds to call up iTunes, find the Arcade Fire, and double click on them. Five years ago I’d probably have to go looking for the album, pull it out, and put it into the CD player… today it’s right here for me to listen to. Great song btw.

10:40 – This thinking of Montreal makes me want to write down my top seven cities/place I want to visit. I’ll just list ‘em for now and come up with order later: Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, Tokyo, Beijing, the Dominican, Mexico City, Montreal, Berlin/Munich/Germany, Beirut, Budapest, Lagos, Sidney, Morocco, Moscow, and South Korea. Reasons later.

10:46 – Good writing, neat observation, and outstanding part of this U2 article:
They move over to where Arcade Fire are being held, and thank them for their performance. Each member of U2 shakes the hand of each member of Arcade Fire. There are friendly hugs and happy smiles. In some obvious way U2, nearly 30 years together as a group, are the elders in this relationship, passing something on to the newcomers - the baton, the flame, a musical message, some kind of experience. In another way, Arcade Fire, influenced by the same music U2 were way back at the beginning in the last quarter of the 20th century, are handing something precious and secretive over to U2, as if U2 are the fresh-faced newcomers eager to learn. U2 are the only group of their age and history who you could imagine being supported by such a novel, radical new act and not in any way being shown up.

10:54 – “I Will Follow” was released on Boy in 1980. I argue that it was the most important rock song of the 80s. It set the tone for the rest of the decade; in fact if you listen to it, you can hear much of what would be writing in the 80s in the song. The lyrics of a desperation, the guitar just repeating itself sort of like an early machine gun or something, the bells or whatever they are in the background… it just sounds so 80s (but still classic today). If I were to choose a song of the 90s, I’d go with “Smells like Teen Sprit”, I mean that was the song of the decade and really set us up for what the 90s rock scene would look like. Everyone tried to write that song, gave up, and wrote something that sounded something like it.

Now of course in both cases, something had to come before it… for U2 it was London Calling and the Clash (pretty much any song off that album). For Nirvana it was the Pixies and something like “Where is My Mind” or “Gigantic” (hell pick any song). But for whatever reason, London Calling still sounds really 70s (of course it was also released in 1979) and the Pixies… well I don’t know, I guess all that was missing was Kim Deal sounding like she was in a really, really, really lot of agony and just recording a song was going to cause her to die. Listen to “Smells like…” some time and listen to Cobain. The poor guy can’t help but sing his agony of life in the song. You feel his pain by the second word he sings.

So “I Will Follow” and “Smells Like Teen Sprit” are the most important songs of the 80s and 90s respectively looking back. As for the song of the first decade of the 21st century? Off the top of my head, I’d say “Last Nite” by the Strokes. But you could also put up arguments for “New Slang” by the Shins or pretty much anything the White Stripes did on White Blood Cells. I’d give Radiohead a shout out, but let’s be honest; they’re on another level some where above everyone else. Though “The National Anthem” might be that song of the 21st century that I’m looking for.

What does this all mean? I’m not sure. Just something to talk about I guess. I’m going to start looking at the spreads of today’s games.

11:43 – Weird week in the NFL. Some games don’t look too bad, but I’m looking for eight games today… let’s see here… have to like the Bears tonight giving three to Atlanta. I like the Dolphins giving 9.5 to the Jets. I keep thinking this is the week that Indy loses, but then they win by 10 so I don’t know… I’ll take the Colts giving 7.5. The Browns are getting three against Oakland so that’s easy – take the points. I like Dallas getting 2.5 against the ‘Skins. For some reason I like the Jags giving 16 to the 49ers and the Cardinals over the Texans who are getting 2.5. Finally, like Cinny giving the Lions 9.5. There, wish me luck.

11:54 – “I’m going to take a shower… thank you… I enjoyed being here.” – Maverick.

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